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Mid-August Update

Well…I cannot believe it is August 21st already!  This summer is flying by. 

In July I bought a new car…a beautiful light blue Toyota Matrix.  I love it.  It is so wonderful to get such great gas mileage in such a clean, reliable machine.  And it has all the modern upgrades like seatbelts and a CD player. 

Last weekend I got to go to Charleston with my family for my cousin Suzanna’s wedding.  What a hot, rainy, beautiful, wonderful time we had.  My brother was there and it was great to see him.  Also my grandparents were able to make the trip and they are always a good time.  I got to walk on the beach and dance–two of my very favorite things. 

This coming weekend I am going to the Titans/Falcons pre-season football game.  This means only one thing–Fall isn’t far behind…


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