Happy Christmas!

I am back at work…yet here I sit writing on my blog…so maybe I’m back at the office but not yet back to work. šŸ™‚ There are only four people working today other than me. My guess is the phone will only ring once or twice and that the training I have scheduled for 10am won’t show up. That’s okay with me.

K’s wedding was beautiful. It was great to see her family and to finally meet her brother. We stayed at a house in Grand Rivers on the lake. It was a huge three bedroom, three bath place which was very comfortable. We had the French missionaries and their toddling twins, K, A, C, and myself yet it didn’t seem the slightest bit crowded.

On Friday night everyone who was already in town came over for pizza and cake. It was alright. I hadn’t really processed the fact that X would be at the party. I knew I’d see him at the wedding but hadn’t expected to see him before that. Oh, well. He made an ass out of himself, but that was to be expected. X’s Dad and step-Mom were very kind and it was good to see them. I think I might add them back to the Christmas card list…we’ll see. A and I went for a drive so that I could buy batteries for my camera. When we returned it was time to assemble the bouquets. Somehow someone decided that I knew what I was doing so I ought to make K’s bouquet. Yikes! I think it went alright. The roses were woody and kept breaking but we had enough that it didn’t really matter. Overall the flowers were just gorgeous.

Before the wedding I helped keep the twins happy, fed, and then dressed. There is nothing quite as pleasing as the delighted squeal of a baby. šŸ™‚ Both of them are so happy that it, I think, might be impossible to not smile around them.

The wedding itself was very moving. Her Dad and Grampa officiated and so there were lots of pauses to keep the tears in check. I don’t think there was a dry eye. There were some laughs to. When D was asked if he took K etc. he said “I do” quietly and so her Dad said, “speak up, son!” which brought on some laughter. D replied, “I do” again in a louder voice. I don’t think he was nervous about getting married but maybe being in front of people and her Dad. K was so eager her Dad didn’t even get a chance to finish and she was saying, “I do” in a very loud voice which again brought on some laughs.

After the ceremony we picked up and then went to have some lunch at Bill’s. The room was beautiful decorated with crystal snowflakes. It couldn’t have been more appropriate or perfect. After lunch I went to meet with the photographer to have my picture taken. I got some good shots I think.

Driving up to my Grandparents house was tiring. I don’t like to drive at twilight. It is probably the sleepiest time to travel. It only took about 6 hours and aside from my Mom’s instance that I could make it in time for the family pre-Christmas dinner was uneventful.

Upon arrival I unpacked the car which seemed to take forever! Then Dad and I hung out in the garage as I assembled Gramma and Grampa’s Christmas present (a fire bowl).

Christmas Eve was a great day. Gramma, Mom, and I spent the morning in the kitchen getting ready for the Christmas Eve party and for Christmas dinner. I made the cookie tray and swept up after Mom. Later I went for a run which was cut short due to the horse farm turning out a horse with a lead on. I was worried because horses aren’t the brightest creatures and stepping on a lead can cause them to freak out and break their neck. Not very smart. But it turned out okay because either the horse was going to learn the lesson that when the lead is pulled to stop or was going to break his neck–either way would be an improvement over a misbehaving horse. The party at Uncle John and Aunt Mary’s was fun. We almost had the most people ever but the Vandermeer’s were all sick. The food was tasty but the seating was different this year. What resulted was one of the quietest Christmas Eve’s ever. There wasn’t even card playing. But there was very quiet conversation which is good too–just different. We left the party, dropped stuff off at the farm, and then went to church. We all thought it was going to be the longest service ever because the story of the birth of Jesus started with Genesis! We were fooled–the service wasn’t even an hour. Kermit the Frog did an excellent job as usual singing “Oh, Holy Night.” You should hear my brother do an impersonation–hilarious. Once back to the farm I rolled out the croissant dough for Christmas morning, finished wrapping presents, and went to bed.

Christmas morning I was up WAY WAY WAY too early. Gramma and Grampa are on Eastern time so I think that means I got up at like 3:27AM Nashville time. Not really but it felt that way. We helped out in the kitchen and then opened presents. I love watching the joy other people get from opening gifts. I got some wonderful Madagascar vanilla–wow! and a Cashmere sweater–wow! wow! Adding the movie gift card and the help with debt–goodness what an extravagant Christmas! My brother and his wife got me a DVD of a musician they like that I also like as well as 2 tickets to Zanies! Gramma and Grampa seemed pleased with their gifts. Mom got some earrings from Dad and liked the necklace I gave her. Dad liked his usual new shirt and sweater from Mom and seemed excited about the jazz album I gave him.

Christmas breakfast was delicious as always. Afterward Dad and I went out back and did some target shooting with my new scoped, pump action b.b. gun. It was REALLY chilly out and the wind was gusting but we had a good time. Dad and I sat on the porch and read, talked, and I looked at pictures from K’s wedding with Mom. Then Aunt Max, Uncle Bill, Kasey, and Andy arrived. We all sat around talking. Then we opened gifts again.

Christmas dinner was, um, different. Mom and Dad brought a Turducken. It had andouille sausage and cajun seasoning–not my favorite. I passed on it but everyone else seemed to enjoy it. Gramma tried a new vegetable dish which was good. The green beans and cranberry dressing were delicious. We sat around the table talking for quite sometime. There were some tears for family members who weren’t with us. No one had remembered to bring any games so we discussed playing Scrabble or charades but it just didn’t happen. We had fun none-the-less.

It was a long day but a fun one. I was exhausted and went to bed by around 7pm. This was the first Christmas in many years where I was able to just relax and enjoy instead of worrying about someone else’s behavior and attitude. It was wonderful. I missed my brother though!


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