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Well! I know what is going to happen once March starts…time will fly! Which will be a relief from the slow, gray days of January and February.

I had a wonderful time visiting my grandparents in Texas. They had rented a condo on South Padre Island. I got to walk on the beach, sit in a spa, fly a kite, go to Mexico, eat delicious oranges, and enjoy their company as well as my Mom’s. It was wonderful not to be working too. 🙂

My djembe classes are going well. I learned a new rythmn last night and further perfected the song “Songba”. We watched one song done by Mamady Keita. Wow. I asked our teacher if he could play that well. He just looked at me in surprise. It was amazing. And I think that is saying a lot considering it was a recorded performance on a little television. 🙂

Spring has finally started here. My friend K gave me some daffodil’s from her garden to plant in mine. I hope they make it. So far, so good. Next weekend I’ll put in the vegetables in the backyard. I think I’m going to transplant one of my butterfly bushes to the back too. The daylilies are showing life as is the lavendar. I’ve got to decide what to do with my parsely and rosemary which have taken over the herb pot and are just unruly and weedy looking.

Valentine’s day was not fun 😦 although I did get a box of chocolates and had “fishheads and gravy.” 😀

DC was sick and miserable so I spent the next day in the ER watching the nurse practioner inject him with painkiller and then perform minor surgery. Gross. He is better now, thankfully. I was really worried about him.

We saw Music and Lyrics this past weekend. It exceded my expectations and was a rather sweet movie.

When they come and ask me who I want to play me in the movie about my life I definitely think Drew Barrymore is the right fit. Who would you want to play you in the movie???


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So, January is over (duh) and while I thought it would never end…it did!  Let’s see…I have been busy, busy, busy! 

Work is…well…work.  It is different having the big boss lead us.  On one hand I can say that things are changing and for the most part I think the changes are going to weed out those who are not in this for the benefit of improving the lives of our service recipients but on the other some really, imho, bonehead decisions are being made.  Hopefully, the BCBA will approve my last class and I can sit for the exam in March after all.  Fingers crossed!

I started taking djembe lessons a few weeks ago and I love it!  It is so great to learn new things.  What I really appreciate is that the class has both structured “play this song” times and unstructured “do what you feel” times.  Keeps it interesting.  We are learning a song called “Songba” and have learned 3 of the 5 parts.  That is also cool.  That my part (whichever that may be) isn’t that great or cool but the layering of the rythmns makes a really interesting song.  There are all kinds of parrallels and methaphors between this type of drumming and life…but I’ll spare you those for now…

In Bible study we are just getting into the meat of Revelation.  It is, well, challenging.  I appreciate that my pastor has lots of knowledge and background which he freely shares but each of us has the freedom to believe what we will.  We had a really interesting discussion about the 24 kings dressed in white, sitting on thrones and who they were.  Pastor argued that it was purely symbolic of “the church” while others agreed with our secondary text that they represented the 12 disciples and the 12 tribes of Israel.  Any thoughts?

I have a lot to do today as I want to finish painting these 3 pieces of furniture and lay the linoleum tiles I bought in my upstairs bathroom.  Plus I’d like to go for a bike ride.  We’ll see how much actually gets accomplished though. 

I leave for Georgia in 5 days and then on to Texas and the beach!  Yay!  I’m excited to have almost a week off.  That will be nice.  Plus the added bonus of seeing my Gramma and Grampa (oh and my parents too…).

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Simple Exercise:

1.  Take a sheet of paper and draw a line down the center making 2 columns.

2.  Label the column on the left–What I Fear.  Label the column on the right–Solution.

3.  List your fears in the first column.

4.  In the second column next to each fear write, “But God is Greater.”

 What do we have to fear when God is in control?  Nothing!

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