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Sunday Night Wide Awakes

I saw “Reign Over Me” last night with my friend KC.  It is the first movie about 9/11 I have seen.  I only sobbed through one section though.  It was a really good movie.  Obviously it is a drama but had several laugh out loud funny bits which made it more well rounded.  It is an interesting look at one man’s decision with coping with the death of his wife and daughters in 9/11.  His portrayal of PTSD was dead on.  Liev Tyler didn’t do so well but she is so hot that it doesn’t really matter, I guess.  She makes a good elf but only a 1 * therapist. 

I have firmly resolved to take my lunch at least four days this week.  Crossing my fingers that this will actually happen.  Also, I’m back to the gym in the morning–I guess presuming I get my butt to bed in the next few minutes.  6am comes early when you don’t go to sleep until midnight. 

Dad’s birthday weekend in Alabama was interesting.  There were two sections of not-fun, actually detested it, but since I love hanging with the fam plus M, T, and little T were along, it was a really great time.  Don’t ask me how that works because I have NO idea. 

I was disappointed that DC didn’t come along but he made the right decision.  Which reminds me of one of my favorite lines, “Often I think that his idea of what we should do is wrong, and my idea is right.  Yet I know that he has often been right before, when I was wrong.  And so I let him make his wrong decision, telling myself, thought I can’t believe it, that his wrong decision may actually be right.  And then later it turns out, as it  often has before, that his decision was the right one, after all.  Or, rather, his decision was still wrong, but wrong for circumstances different from the circumstances as they actually were, while it was right for circumstances I clearyly did not understand.” 

Oooh.  That’s right I have a new bathtub sitting in my driveway 🙂  Love it.  Need to get some duck tape and sit in it in the driveway since it is so hot out.  DC drove to Knoxville with me Friday night to get it.  Then we turned around and drove back.  It cost me 25% of the price of one in Nashville.  Not bad, not bad at all.  I’ll meet with my architect friend sometime this week or next to discuss plans.  Wow.  So excited. 

Work is work.  I don’t like it.  Trying to get out.  Waiting to take the board exam.  Can’t get a contract until then.  Sigh.  June seems so far away.  I guess that’s good since I’m not ready to be another decade older yet. 

I have refinanced my house and that was only a small financial nightmare.  Yikes!  I hate money.  My best dream right now is one where all my bills are sent to someone else and they get my paycheck, pay the bills, put money into savings and retirement, plan for doctor’s appointments and the like, and give me what’s left for spending money.  Sigh.  I cannot balance a checkbook to save my life.  Maintenance is not my best asset.  In fact, about the only things I manage on a daily basis are teethbrushing and pill taking.  Oh, well. 

Time has really flown.  I’ve been on here for almost an hour.  One last question:  If you were a flavor of chewing gum…what would you be? 

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Friday night

Remember when the best thing about Friday night was getting to stay up until 9pm!?  Or getting to spend the night at a friend’s house?  Or doing something REALLY special like renting a video? 

Now Friday night is just relief that tomorrow is not necessarily a work day.  That tomorrow may mean getting to do what I want to do instead of what I have to do.  But most of all that I survived another week working for a heartless monster when what I really want to do is tell him to shove it (more on that later in the week as the big story unfolds…).

 How do you recapture that excitement and enthusiasm?  What makes it go away?  Why is one of the best things getting to have Friday off? 

What do you do when you are mad as hell at someone but don’t want to talk with them about it because it won’t actually change anything?  How do you force yourself to suck it up and get over it when you haven’t actually gotten over it?  Being a crappy liar it is easy for me to wonder this–no suggestions about lieing to myself either please because I find that impossible.  I have even tried the continuous repetition thing–still didn’t work. 

And to tie these two seemingly remote topics together:  At what point in childhood do we learn to suck it up, move on, get over it and what is the correlation between that and the loss of joy, enthusiasm, and zest for life?  

I don’t know for sure, but my dollar says there must be a correlation. 

Happy Friday night!   

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