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Self Torture or Extreme Happiness?

So as my 11th day of self employment draws to a close I am confronted with a question: am I really into torture or does this make me happy?

You see I have spent HOURS upon HOURS on the phone either on hold, listening to busy signals, or being given other numbers to other people who will either put me on hold or give me a busy signal.  Dealing with the government is a sincerely vexing situation.  BUT making small progresses is sooooo rewarding. 

I am now the proud posessor of a NPI enumerator number.  Sounds a little bit redundant but it is a requirement to apply to Medicare.  I finished the Medicare application but I’m  not sure it is the right one.  I figure that at this point my two choices are going down to the offices (conviently located in Nashville) and not leaving until my questions get answered or going ahead and mailing in the application as is and waiting to find out in 60 days if it was the correct one.  I know what you are thinking…why not just call the 800 number?  Oh, I have.  It is conviently open from 10am-12pm and 1pm to 3pm.  Between 12 and 1 it is a recording.  I have yet to get through during an “open” time but have heard the recording about 20 times thinking that this time I’ll get a person.  Convience and customer services, I agree that the best word to sum that up is in fact “government”. 

As I told the woman at the bank opening my business checking account for me, “I don’t even know what I don’t know.”  But it is okay.  You see, one of the reasons I was unhappy in my previous job was that I had pretty much mastered it.  There seemed little to learn.  This endevour on the other hand seems to be one learning experience after another and it is wonderful…

Okay, more calls to make…


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