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But I Live on a Hill!

This was a link but it is now dead.  My Zombie survival score was 73%.   <a href="" mce_href="" style="color: #fff; text-decoration: none; display: block; width: 385px; height: 209px; padding-top: 35px; background: url( no-repeat; font-family: Times New Roman, sans-serif; font-size: 60px; text-align: center;"><span style="display: block;">64%64%

So…I guess I need to refresh my skills a little.  That’s less than a 3/4 chance…need more food and to run faster too…


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Places to Go. People to See. Things to Do.

Sigh.  It is almst 10pm and 98 degrees.  Wow.  Yuck.  So much to do but the heat makes desire almost nil. 

 It looks as though all the time I spent this summer studying will be worth it.  There was drama with the exam but all is well after all.  Hopefully the lucrative contract won’t be too far behind.  Work with my client is going really well.  She is learning new things everyday.  Today was taking a matchbox car in each hand, crashing them together, and saying “uh-oh” afterwards. 

I’ve stopped seeing D.  It’s okay.  It was time.  I’m the right girl for someone just not him. 

I feel like I have missed the past few months being buried behind my computer screen and books.  Time to get out and do things!  Call those people I have been neglecting.  Return emails.  Catch up on everything from gossip to grocery shopping and cleaning. 

Kaija is doing well.  She is the new puppy.  Molly is still adjusting.  I guess sometimes these things take time. 

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