Lurve and stuff…

Oh, yeah.  I got it bad.  Sigh.  So, it turns out that I am completely off my rocker, head over heals for this man.  Wow.  Amazing.  He seems pretty happy too, saying things like, “You deserve good things and I want to be the person to give you good things.”  Yeah.  And we won’t’ even argue about politics. 

I decided last week to push all the fear that is rolling within me aside and just accept this for what it is for as long as it is.  It is getting easier each day.  Although, I wish he was closer, knowing that he is gone helps my mind better process and deal with all the silly emotion.  Getting to do that by myself I think is a really helpful thing.  I am learning.  It is good.

This is my last week at work!  Thank goodness!  Only 4 days left of this place.  I have 2 contracts with a local school system to provide behavioral and educational testing.  I work one day next week and then not again until the 8th.  That gives me a good long time for Christmas holiday and New Year’s.  The first weekend in January I am driving out to Williamsburg, Virginia for the weekend with my family.  That should be fun.  At least the condo has a hot tub.  I can spend forever in hot water.  🙂 

I have more to say but my mind is a little cloudy from fatigue.  The fact that it is about 90 degrees in my office doesn’t help.  I hope your Christmas is going well so far.   


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