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Happy MLK Day!

I am so glad there was a civil rights movement in the U.S. but more importantly that I got Monday off.  🙂   Well.  That isn’t totally being truthful, now is it?  Since I make my schedule I can have any day I want off provided I work more other days.  Still, I got Monday off!  🙂 

I spent the day hanging out with Mr. T.  He had the day off too.  Lucky us!  We watched some episodes of Firefly.  I am going to be really, petuantly sad when the last show is over.  I realize that I am coming to this phenomenon late but none-the-less I am now engrossed and enthralled and wondering how in the world this show isn’t made still.  Screw the writers strike!  Bring back Firefly! 

I’m trying to remember if I did anything else on Monday.  Oh, yeah, I finished my latest book.  Bill Bryson’s book where he travels all over the US.  Maybe it is called Lost Continent.  I so could have written that book.  I took both of those trips…only better.  Sigh.  I’m just not a very good explantory non-fiction writer.  He is much funnier than I ever could be, I think.  There were several times I laughed aloud.  My only bit of criticism is for him to leave out the politics.  But, I just roll my eyes and continue reading.

Last weekend I drove M, M’s friend D (who is afraid of me!), and CBR down to Atlanta for Gamefest 2008.  It snowed on Saturday which was really neat.  I got to see my parents and eat fabulous Cafe Intermezzo desserts.  I stopped at Lush for some soap and a new massage bar but stumbled into a “buy 1 get 1 and buy 1 get 2 FREE” sale.  That was really cool.  My friend ThC came down from South Carolina.  It was excellent to see him.  I played 6 games of Age of Steam.  Of which 3 were aborted (1 cause I’m a big baby, 1 due to rules abiguities which were breaking the game, 1 due to the massive defeat ThC was going to suffer plus my parents had arrived), 2 of which I earned 2nd place, and one of which I lost badly–like I went bankrupt TWICE!–once on the first turn and then again on the last turn.  Yikes!  I also was introduced to Qwirkle which I would like to play again.  Attribute and CashNGuns were also played.  Oh, and I played 1 round of Brass.  Luckily, M liked it so we will be playing his copy on Monday. 

Work is going okay.  Behaviors with multiple functions are completely complex and fairly unfun.  But I am enjoying working with her.  It is a challenge to be sure.  It is funny but I am feeling like I need to have this all solved and improved RIGHT NOW.  I get myself a little bit anxious over all of it, to be honest.  But then I remind myself that this takes time and effort.  I anticipate, in my more rational moments, at least 6 months if not 1 year with this family.  Why I am trying to fool myself into thinking I can have this fixed tomorrow is beyond me.  Oh, I know.  I need another client so that I don’t spend so many odd moments thinking about what I need to be or could be doing.  Yeah, that’s it!

I spent tonight cleaning my house.  It looks better.  I think my dishwasher caught on fire.  Good thing the water came on and put it out.  Good thing I called the repairman yesterday to come and fix it.  He should be here Monday.  Now I can say, “Gee, when I called it was because there is nasty grit left on my dishes but on Friday it began smoking.  I think there is something really wrong.”  I love my home warranty!  😀 


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Happy 2008!

This holiday season has come and gone so quickly!  I am so far behind in writing that I, just three days ago, got my Christmas cards sent out.  Oh, well.  Perhaps they are Christmas/New Year cards after all.

Christmas with the fam went well.  The drive up was annoying but uneventful.  I was supposed to ride with my parents but at the 11th hour it was decided that there was no room at the inn. 

Oh!  The hilarity of the look on my father’s face as the door handle to his Mercedes sedan came off in his hand at dinner on Friday night.  I could have peed myself.  I could have dropped to the pavement and rolled around crying, I wanted to laugh so hard.  In the end though mother nature did not allow me to betray my own safety and I merely tittered and urged Mom that we needed to move away from Father.  Right now, typing this, though I am laughing.

Christmas brought lots of good gifts given and received.  I think everyone enjoyed his/her game.  I left Grampa’s gift at home and thus need to get it in the mail.  Soon.  Mr.T. (used to be GTCMMDTO) got me a book of crossword puzzles, Stubb’s the Zombie for Xbox, and CashNGuns.  I am the happiest woman on the planet.  😀  He liked his gift too I think.  I got him comic book bags and boxes.  My parents got me a seltzer water maker, some comfy slippers, and a GPS.  Yeah, wow.  I’m excited to be able to hike and geocache whilst getting directions to San Jose.  Very nice.

New Year’s Eve was fun.  I went over to Scott and Erin’s for dinner.  We had yummy steak and shrimp, potatoes, green beans, bread, champagne (the Moet and Chandon Nectar Imperial mind you!), and a fruit tart.  MMMMM.  Delicious.  Then Mr.T. came over and we danced and talked.  I even got a midnight kiss.  It was nice. 

Sitting here writing this today I know that the anxiety and nervousness over him meeting my family was silly and unnecessary but HE MET MY FAMILY!  Wow.   They seemed to really like him and he *says* that he liked them.  So.  That’s a good thing.  I think I am having lunch with his parents on Thursday.  Hopefully I will make a good impression as well.  All those copper grave rubbing classes should help.

I did my first assessment for the insurance company.  It was APPROVED!!!!  Wow.  So, I’m in business.  It is a fantastic feeling to know I don’t have to spend January looking for a job.  I’m really pleased.  Hopefully I can get some other people I know to submit their paperwork and come to work for me soon. 

Today Mr.T. and I are going to go see Biltmore Estates.  I have heard it is pretty awe inspiring.  I’ll let you know. 

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