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May 25th…agh!!!

Well, I survived the pnuemonia thanks to careful nursing by K. W., K bear, and E.  E brought some milk and absolutely, positively the best premade cookies ever, and a plant which I swear I am TRYING to keep alive.  Mr. T. also played nurse for about 5 days doing a great job of keeping the FarScape episodes rolling and making sure I had enough fluids. 

Tennessee Game Days went well although I was still recovering so I missed about 30% of the fun.  Oh, well.  Sleep is important.  Mr. T. bought his ticket to Dragon*Con!  😀  So, I guess we’ll be heading down there together.  What fun!  I’m excited.  Only a few more months.

Mr. T. and I spent this past weekend out at his family home in Martin, Tennessee.  I had a good time.  Everyone was very welcoming.  For the record though, other people’s families are just so strange.  😀  Mine, of course, is not.  😉  Molly had a good time escaping from the fence and then getting to lounge on the screened in porch.  I want a screened in porch. 

Next weekend Mr. T. and I are going down to Georgia to visit my family.  My Mom is retiring and so we’re gonna have a little party and probably go the laser show.  It is pouring rain here right now but they live in Georgia where it doesn’t rain so I am not worried about getting rained out. 

So, I will be 31 in less than 30 days.   AAAAAAAAAGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHH!!!!



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California Dreamin’ 2008

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April Showers

So the rain.  Big fat drops.  Little tiny just enough to be annoying drops.  Splatters.  Downpours.  Have I mentioned the rain?  Yeah.  Lots and lots of rain.

Well.  Maybe not “lots and lots” of rain but DEFINITELY a ton of gray.  Voluminous and yet ominous gray clouds covering everything.  Everywhere I go is gray from horizon to horizon. 

But the grass is looking a lush and vibrant green and the flowering trees are blooming.  It is April and it’s okay.

Normally lots of gray makes me homicidal but April gray is different because of the growth and promise that soon it will be too hot to move and I will be wishing the sun away.  See, ya can’t please ANYONE all the time.

Life is grand.  Mr. T is moving back here.  😀  I’m just thrilled.  I told him earlier in the week that I missed him but that I had a stern talk with myself that went something like this:

Self- Gosh I miss Mr. T.

Self- Quit complaining and appreciate this time.  Soon he will be here all the time and you will wish for the days when you missed him!

Self- Laughing hysterically.

Yeah.  I thought it was funny too. 

Hmmm.  I made 4 kinds of cupcakes for K’s birthday.  The yellow cupcakes turned out a better consistency then the chocolate plus the flavor of the chocolate is subpar.  I’m gonna need to practice to perfect it I guess.  So the cupcakes in order of my most favorite to least favorite:  Vanilla cake filled with strawberries frosted with vanilla buttercream, coconut cake frosted with coconut frosting, chocolate cake frosted with toasted marshmallow frosting, and chocolate chocolate chip frosted with fudge frosting.  Although this morning as I was stirring up some salsa and make a bowl of wheat chex and banana I thought, “I bet the chocolate chocolate chip cupcakes would be good warm/hot with vanilla ice cream.  I could have that for breakfast.”  And then I thought, “You just spent an hour working out!  What are you thinking!  Shut up and eat your cereal.”

In May Mr. T. and I are going to Asheville for a few days of fun.  Business is booming or at least going well.  Life is good!

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