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So, I’m a big slacker.  I took the summer off.  Who cares?  Nobody reads this anyway.  😀  Oh, wait, you’re reading it and you are someone.  Sorry about that.  I meant, I was lazy and didn’t write anything.  Well, you’re in for a treat now…

We are approximately 2 weeks from my 2nd Dragon*Con and I’m like a kid before Christmas.  I am excited!  At spontaneous moments through out the day I say to Mr. T, “Guess what?  In 6 XXX days we’ll be at Dragon*Con!”  or “How many stormtroopers do you think we’ll see?”  or “It’s gonna be so much fun!”  Ok, enough about the future.  That isn’t what this blog is about…it’s about the past…so…let’s journey back in time to younger days…like before I turned 31…

That would be June of 2008.  Yes, yes, a good month indeed.  Hrm.  I can’t seem to remember much that is worth mentioning.  Oh, yeah!  Mr. T, K bear, Em, andI went camping the weekendbefore my birthday.  We did “island” camping at Dale Hollow Lake.  You had to wade through about 4 inches of water for 15 feet to get to the “island” (it was connected by a sandbar so was it an island or an isthmus?) which had 8 or 10 primitive camp sites.  There were port-a-johns, fire rings, and picnic tables and that’s about it for amenities but it was just gorgeous!  We swam at the “beach”, ate good food, andhad a good ol’ time.  We did some driving around as well.  Beautiful area.  Even Molly had a good time.

For my birthday Mr. T, K, K bear, E, and Em went to Ru Sans for dinner.  Oh, my, gosh!  It was awful.  Both the food and service were horrible.  In the Ru Sans tradition the response to our complaints was less than customer friendly by the management.  Oh, well.  I love banana boat sushi but I won’t be back there–ever–does take out count?

In July, Mr. T and my parents went up to Indiana for the annual 4th of July festivities.  This includes: fireworks at the golf course right in your face, family fireworks and party, and family reunion.  Mr. T survived although my cousin calling me a “divorced harlot” and saying in front of Mr. T, “So you’re trading up?” was just absolutely classy.  Yeah.  Not so much. 

Business is booming.  I have to find more people to hire!  I think I’ll have 90 hours in September!  Yikes!  I mean, the money is good but with all the phones call, paper work, and bureaucracy that it takes to process claims and keep people happy I’m gonna be busy, busy, busy.  Plus, everyone wants the 6pm-10pm slots and frankly, I have a life and don’t particularly want to work then.  Eh.  For a little while it will be okay.

We went to see Mr. T’s brother’s new acreage down near Linden, TN in July.  It was steep, wooded, but nice.  They are going to put a cabin/cottage there.  I think they’ll enjoy it.  Then we went on to Martin to visit with aforementioned brother and Mr. T’s Mom and Dad.  I wasn’t feeling well so I don’t think I made a great impression.  Oh, well.  Hopefully on future visits I can redeem myself.

Oh!  I had an endoscopy earlier this week.  Everything came back normal–great!  Oh, wait.  So why have I been in pain and throwing up then???  Ah, the mystery continues.  Perhaps it is my newly discovered corn allergy?  Well, at least it is being treated and I guess if I stop puking and hurting that was the culprit. 

Mr. T and I have been watching Battle Star Gallactica on DVD.  Hmmmm.  It is a good show but at times it is too much for me.  I think Mr. T has finally learned that when I ask him about whether someone is a Cylon or if someone is going to get killed that I really, truely want to know right then.  I dislike the suspense.  Of course he usually responds with, “I had to wait 8 weeks for the answer to that!”  I just laugh, “Yeah, was it uphill, in the snow, both ways too?”  😀 

School started this week so I’m back to professional wear and earlier days.  I like it though.  Actually, I love fall.  I think it is my favorite season.  It is the expectancy and change I think that appeals to me.  Fall is the eve of Thanksgiving and the Christmas season.  It is the harbinger of cooler weather.  The leaves become beautiful.  There is football and new clothes.  Mmmmm.  Fall! 

I guess it is easy to feel this way when the weather has been so not like Tennessee August.  It has been downright nice.  I have said several times, “This doesn’t seem like August to me!”  Oh, speaking of August…the World’s Longest Yard Sale was last weekend.  Mom, M, and I went got together in Crossville and had a good time.  We found some treasures and saw many more.  Oh and my couch broke 2 weeks ago.  Oh!  I have, finally, after 6 years! new cabinets in my laundry area/closet.  They look great and make the area look larger.  I’m very, very pleased! 

And on that note…AuRevior…I’ll let you know how D*C was and maybe post a picture or two…


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