Craigslist and Bookshelves

So Mr. T and I are sitting around waiting for a contractor to come over and give us a bid/estimate for the built-in work we want done. He was supposed to be here about 2 hours ago. Called and said he was on his way. He hasn’t arrived yet. He isn’t answering his cell. I’m pretty sure he may ring the doorbell around midnight at this rate.

Mr. T has taken it upon himself to ring all the replies we received and set up appointments for them to come and give us estimates. I’m quite excited–pantry shelves! game shelves! book shelves! office shelves! and one day closet shelves!

I can hardly stand the wait.

Last weekend we ordered our kitchen table, bench, and an island. It should be here the last of August. That’s exciting.
I may have already talked about that but I’m excited and can’t access previous posts without leaving this page and I’m disinclined to do that now.

So the trigger shot was rough. It made me SSSSIIICCCCKKK for days–hot flashes, nausea, vomiting, the whole shebang. But hopefully it will work and in a few weeks I’ll be posting an update. 🙂

Mr. T and have spent the last 4 days tiling the surround to the bathtub and shower in the master bath. All we have left is cleanup and a little grouting. That should only take a few more weeks, right?

So Mr. T and I have set an arbitrary goal of getting everything up and running ready by the second week in November. That gives us time to relax (ha!) before the hungry hoards descend for Thanksgiving.

I believe that gives us 12 weeks. Easy!


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