Just Another Friday Night and My Husband’s Working

I got some money cause he got paid…oh, how I wish, I had someone to talk to…I’m in an awful way.

Well, not really, but that’s how the song goes and I figured I could only corrupt so many words in the lyrics and keep the tune recognizable.

I’m listening to a movie called “Eagle Eye” in the background.  It is different than how the previews portrayed it and now I’m sort of wishing I had seen it in the theater…although I don’t know if it is good.  That probably doesn’t make sense and I don’t want to say much about the movie because it would “spoil” it.  Heh.

So my period started this afternoon–finally!  It’s like day 35 or something.  I’m hypothesizing this means the trigger didn’t work but the RE is going to say “count backwards 10 days from today and that’s the day you O’d.”  Whatever.  We have an appointment to see the RE on Monday morning.  Yahoo. 

But please don’t misunderstand.  I’m not pissy because I’m not pregnant–we have plenty of time and money for that to happen–I’m pissy because the trigger shot made me vomit, have horrendous hot flashes, and just feel like everyone needed to get off my planet (the woman in the movie is whispering and it sounds a little like the dark haired elf woman speaking elvish in Lord of the Rings which doesn’t work at all for the actual movie…) and yet it didn’t appear to make me ovulate.  But maybe it did and my temperature and monitor can’t detect it.  Who knows. 

I don’t regret not getting the blood test because I don’t think I would be anymore confident about whether the trigger worked than I am now.  Plus we saved that money. 

So, on to this cycle.  Fun. 

I’m a baking mad woman tonight.  Around 5pm I thought, “Ohhh, a big soft pretzel would be so yummy.”  So I found a recipe for soft pretzels.  Then I thought, “Mr. T. would really like something baked and yummy for breakfast.”  So I made a batch of sweet roll dough and am in the process of baking orange and cinnamon rolls (two seperate things…).  They are out of the oven and if the little taste I stole is any indication he will be very, very happy.  Yum!  Love the granite countertop, rolling out the dough was so easy. 

So, Mr. T. was successful at obtaining bids and we selected a contractor.   He began on Monday afternoon and has gotten lots of the game room cabinet done, built a laundry room cabinet, and removed the shelves from the pantry.  He says he will be done with the game room cabinet thing tomorrow.  I can’t wait.  That’s like 10 more boxes unpacked!  Yeah!

Mr. T. has last hour tonight so he will be home from work an hour early (so in like 30 minutes) and I’m excited.  Getting to see him for 15 minutes in the morning and 15 minutes in the evening sorta sucks.  Especially because we are used to spending lots of time together.

Oh, last weekend Mom and I went on the World’s Longest Yard Sale.  It was great!  I got a coffee table for Mr. T’s game maps, a cabinet for my napkins and table clothes for in the kitchen, a new Ethan Allen chair which is a navy blue with a colonial cream colored pattern.  I got lots of old games to hang on the wall in the gameroom.  I got Mr. T. two Christmas presents (assuming I can wait that long to give them to him).  I also got some new therapy toys. 

Very successful.  All in all.  Mom came back to the house and helped clean up our awful tile hanging mess and hang up clothes.  It was great. 

Tomorrow I’m going to laze around and then our friend the ASTRONOMER is coming over to game.  On Sunday we’ll head to Martin to shoot our new guns and see Mr. T’s family.


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