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So it’s been a few weeks since I posted last.  The problem isn’t that I don’t have things to say (I do!) it is that the chair to my desktop computer *hurts* me.  Badly.  So I’ve been avoiding sitting in it and thus avoiding using my computer.  I’m going to have to rectify the situation soon but it galls me to pay $300-400 for something that is purely functional and not at all aesthetically pleasing.  I digress.

So Thanksgiving dinner was delicious with plenty of leftovers to stock in the freezer for cold nights in January when I don’t want to cook.  Yippee!  It was good having Mom and Dad here.

We got the Christmas tree set up and decorated.  We have some holiday cheer in mantle decorations, stockings, and tableware.  But we only managed to get 1 column of outdoor lights up.  Oh, and my 2 pathetic (although pre-lit) looking trees down by the street.  But they aren’t plugged into anything so it looks totally fake and random–even at night!

Church this morning was a really interesting perspective on Mary.  Essentially protestants make her into some sort of uberly normal, exceedingly average while Catholics venerate her–both paths leading to not seeing her as the special woman she was.  And also that with love comes suffering.  That faith in God does not mean we will not suffer but that God will be there with us in our suffering and send us people to love us through the suffering.  Essentially, Mary was chosen by God to suffer.  She was unwed and pregnant which, do not be fooled, led to her suffering.  BUT God sent Mary Joseph who loved her for who she was and loved her through the suffering–suffering with her in fact, due to his love.  Wouldn’t his life have been easier to toss her aside and find a chaste women (in the eyes of his family and society…)?  Sure!  But he didn’t because of his love for her and his obedience to God.

Love means being willing to suffer.

Then BF  dropped this one on me from her church service–Would the baby Jesus been enough of a sacrifice?  If Joseph hadn’t been obedient to God and fled to Egypt and Jesus had been killed by Herod’s decree would that sacrifice have been enough to save us?


I think we could have really good discussions on that.  For instance- Yes!  If God had decided that all he wanted was blood atonement then that would have been sufficient.  No! What was important about Jesus was who he was as a man and his teachings.  Yes!  It was the resurrection that was the miracle and the illustration that this was the Son of God.  No!  Jesus was a willing sacrifice.  A baby cannot do anything willingly!

I’m cold.  Sometimes the house randomly gets really cold feeling although the thermostat hasn’t changed.  Weird.  I think I’ll go take a shower and wash my hair.

Today E and BFF came over and we baked and cooked.  It was swell.  E made these delicious gooey butter cookies and molasses cookies.  BFF made broccoli cheese dip-Yummy!  I made toffee (too think but tasty) and peppermint bark.  I’m going to finish the croissants up tomorrow and Tuesday.  Made I’ll get some ready to rise tonight so that Mr. T. and I can have them in the morning.  Hmmmm.  Nah.  It’s late.  I’m cold and have to work tomorrow.

(Oh and on the DL…we might have our shelves done by 1/1!)


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