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Hello from…

Gulf Shores, Alabama! 

My Grampa turns 90 in a few days so some of us came down to help him celebrate.  One set of aunt/uncle, my parents, and my brother to be exact joined me in well wishing. 

Currently, both Grampa and Gramma are snoozing on the couch.  Since I’ve taken *2* naps today I can’t even joke about it. 

Let’s see highlights:

1) Grampa’s face each time the doorbell at their place rang and someone new surprised them.

2) Touring Fairhopes quaint shops with my Mom, Aunt, and Gramma followed by a delicious lady’s lunch (or is it ladies lunch?).

3) Jesse’s!  I’m actually going to write up a review after while…it was some good and David was the best waiter ever!  Thank you!

4) Looking out at the ocean.  It is *cold* here so I haven’t been done to the beach but I’m sure eager for a nice beach getaway with my dearest.  Hopefully May or June will find me “relaxing on the beach perpetrating a tan!”

In other news my Beloved is in snow hell.  I feel bad for him as he still has to work.  Such is the life of someone so indispensible–not only is he not on vacation but he is navigating copious amounts of frozen percipitation to save other’s lives.  Awwww.  He’s good.  😀

I have a lovely 12+ hours to do in the car tomorrow to return home in time for work on Tuesday.  Longest weekend trip ever! 😀


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Wow!  You aren’t going to believe the story I’m about to tell.  So, Mr. T. and I are in Chicago for a work conference.  We had to fly in today because the conference starts tomorrow morning around 7:45am and there wasn’t an early enough flight. 

We decide to head over near my old stomping ground for dinner only to find that the restaurant we wanted to go to was PACKED and had a 35-45 minute wait.  We decided to scout the area for other choices.  During scouting we uncover an ice cream place called iCream.  We stop inside to see what looks like a normal ice cream parlor only to discover that one of their menu items is HOT PUDDING.

Anyone who knows me well knows I ADORE a good warm pudding.  I have eaten more than one bowl of creme anglaise for dessert.  There is just something so right with cream, eggs, sugar and either vanilla or a good chocolate warmed together until slightly thick.  Mmmmm.

Mr. T. declares that I cannot have pudding for dinner and that we must procure dinner prior to said indulgence.  Wet blanket.  😀  😛  😀  We head back up the street to a little italian place where my dinner was fantastic (gnocchi with pancetta, spinach, garlic, parmesan, and cream!) Mr. T’s was not that great.  In fact, I have never seen him NOT eat a pizza.  He took *ONE* bite and then proceded to share my dinner.  That was fine by me.  I had iCream to save room for.

 After dinner we walked back up the street while Mr. T lamented that it was really cold outside and yet here we were headed to have ice cream (and WARM PUDDING I felt the need to chime in frequently!). 

Oh, iCream…what have you done to me?!?!

So, the thing is, you have your choice of ice cream, yogurt, light ice cream (all cold of course) and pudding and rice pudding (warm!).  Then you select one or two of about 30 flavors.  You can add extras like candies, chocolate chips, fruit as well.  But back to the selections…so Mr. T. had ice cream with coffee and cinnamon flavors and chocolate chips.  This is an old standby for him. 

Anyway, so the lovely co-owner then measures out the ingredients, throws them into the bowl of a kitchen aid stand mixer and turns it on.  Now, this is not your standard run of the mill kitchen mixer.  No, this one is suped up with a nitrogen injector!  So as your mixture is being whipped around by a machine strong enough to mix concrete the nitrogen injects and begins to instantaneously freeze your delight into ICE CREAM.  Right before your very eyes. 





I had chocolate with strawberries and bananas.  Oh, wow.  You could almost taste the shiny, just created, newness.  This is like the VEAL of the frozen foods world. 

(True confessions: I also ordered a warm pudding.)

The warm pudding is a similar concept except instead of injecting with nitrogen your mixtures spends a few minutes getting freaky with the nozzle of an espresso machine frother.  Yes!  How ingenious is that?!  (I might have to purchase an espresso machine after all!)  So, similar kind of procedure you pick your flavors and your mixins.  I picked “burnt sugar” and vanilla.  No mix ins.  It was really good.  We had the warm pudding first and thought it was fantastic.  Then we had the ice cream…

So, if you are ever near Chicago I highly recommend a stop in at iCream…your imagination is the only limit to creating ice cream heaven.

(We also ate at Pastoral and Beard Papa which were decisively dynamite for lunch but iCream got the blog post…)

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I guess…

The revolution is televised after all!

A big shout out to all you people who were afraid that the United States was on its way down the drain…


Good bye higher taxes…

Good bye expensive health care reform…

Good bye cap and trade…

Good bye Marx…

Good bye Mao…

We did it!  We did it!  We did it!

Every democrat in office should be running back to the middle or running for the hills…

Massachusetts, Virginia, New Jersey…

Your state is next!  Hallelujah!  Hallelujah!

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Awkward Convos

Best Buy Computer Guy: I’m premed.

Me: That’s cool.  What field?

Best Buy Computer Guy:  Emergency Medicine.  You must be in the psychology field.

Me: Smiling.

Best Buy Computer Guy: I’ve been diagnosed with PTSD.  Well, I meet the criteria for PTSD from the DSM-IV.

Me: Nodding and trying to look faintly bored/uninterested as I begin to walk away. 


Me in my brain: Oh God! Please save us!

Best Buy Computer Guy:  Oh, I saw my mother die in front of me.  3 years ago.

Me:  So sorry for your loss. (as I walk away not wanting to hear anymore)


I don’t know how that ended as I was well on my way to Kuala Lumpur by that point thinking, “I wonder what other diagnoses one qualifies for both for asking strangers deeply personal questions without shame and for offering deeply personal information to strangers…”

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I awoke this morning to a strange electrical hum eminating from the downstairs office.


Complete meltdown worthy disaster!

My hard drive crashed.

Taking it with it–all our photos.  most of the work I have done in the past 2-4 months.  my chart of accounts for 2009.  electronic tax info for previous years.  my christmas card mailing list.   my recipes.

The more I think about what I’ve lost the worse it becomes.  “But, if your computer crashed how can you be posting here?” you ask.  I went out and bought a laptop.  Yep.  Ice Blue not Promise Pink by the way.  It’s a Dell.  I’m not happy.  I’m not sold.  I’m sad.  I’m despondent. 

I’m also sad about Jay Leno and Conan O’Brien.  I can say that tonight is the first night I’ve watched either of these shows and that I’m watching because of the horribleness that NBC is perpetuating on both of these guys.  But I’m not a fan of the mainstream media to begin with but I’ll leave it at that.

I’ve been busy knitting lately.  Maybe tomorrow I’ll post pictures of the toys I’ve made.  The balls are cute but the sheep is a bit strange looking.  Funny how following the directions yields similar results to the picture while free styling yields…well…strangeness. 

Tomorrow I start back on the Femara.  We are just so excited.  We are fervently hoping for an October baby.  I’m nervous about getting my hopes up and desiring this so much and then being disappointed but no risk, no reward…right?

Evidently 2009 was a bad year for me socially.  1 girl friend informed me she didn’t want to be my friend anymore, another has been too cowardly to even speak to me in months although I have assumed that she also doesn’t want to be counted as a friend of mine any longer, and I was uninvited to be part of my gaming group…yep…how lecherous must I be that gamers don’t want to hang?  Admittedly, it isn’t all of them, but it has made for an awkward conversation or two with Mr. T. who was reinvited to the group after also being uninvited.  I am decidedly not a fan of vagueness and frankly would not feel nearly so awful about all this if they  had said, “You know, we want to game with Mr.T. but not you,” because then when they email him but not me we don’t have to guess if I’m invited too.  I flit from thinking that I should make a character and just show up (despite not being invited) and not showing up but emailing something like, “Gee, was this an oversight or purposeful?” 

Anyway.  I only have so much time and, honestly, dealing with petty people who don’t want to be part of my life isn’t all that enthralling.

I’m reading Charlotte’s Web currently. 

(No, *you* figure out how all the above relates thematically!)

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