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Amazing Excitement!

We just learned that Mr. T. has some time off coming up.  So we looked around at what there was in the world to do.  Then we decided.


It has been 9 years or so since I was there last and Mr.T. hasn’t even been out of the country before.  We have lots to accomplish before then.  I have to mail my passport in to be renewed.  And…um…other stuff…yeah.  Yesterday was a flurry of internet searching, buying, and planning.  We have plane tickets, a rental car, and a plan!  🙂  We will only book a hotel room for our last night in Paris.  Other than that we will just roll into the town we are closest to at 5 or 6pm and hit up the local TI (tourist information) for a chambre d’haute.  😀  That means bed n’ breakast y’all!  😀

Sigh.  or Le sigh!

Life here is plodding on.  Mr. T. has begun his new work schedule.  We’re coping.  I’ve spent the past two days creating Easter cards trying to keep busy instead of waiting for him to wake up.


France overshadowed Henry.


I found him running up a local 4 lane road on Friday.  He is an 8 year old (or so!) cocker spaniel.  He is just so cute!  The vet where he has been reports that he hasn’t had any crate accidents.  Yay!  He is getting neutered tomorrow along with having a tumor removed.  In addition he is being shaved.  Molly is there too…she is getting her teeth cleaned and getting shaved.  All dogs suffering humiliation in exchange for a cleaner house and cooler spring.  Poor things.  Although we weren’t looking for another dog, we are willing to have Henry.  If it doesn’t work out we will rehome him.  Molly things it will work out.

I’m on CD6 today.  Yahoo.  I start the crazy chinese medicine in 4 days.  I’m trying not to get too worked up or excited over this one.  It was so disappointing last go round getting the false positive.  I don’t want to have that happen again.  I’m even going to try not to test until CD 30 or so.  We’ll see.


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Lots to Say

So, I have been reading various blogs about “What in the World is Going on in America?!” or “Why are American’s Hurling Racial Invectives and Threatening Each Other?”

Well, I can’t respond for anyone but myself.

Here’s the deal- I believe *this* healthcare reform bill = redistribution of wealth *NOT* healthcare reform.  I *want* healthcare reform.  I do not want redistribution of wealth.  Why?  Good question!  Let me tell you!  😀

– Name one program designed to redistribute wealth (welfare et al) that actually accomplished pulling someone out of poverty.

If you can, please comment!  I do not know of *any*.  What I do know is that I was living at just over poverty level when I graduated from college.  I was not satisfied with that.  I looked around, found something I thought I could be good at and thought there was need and money to be made and I took the *risk* and went for it.  I have done well in the few years I have been running my business.  Because of my hardwork.  Because of my ingenuity.  Because of my drive.  Nothing I have was handed to me.  Mr.T. and I give back–last year was donated about 10% of our net and this year it will be more.  Because we believe in charity.  We believe in helping people.  Unfortunately, the government cannot do this effectively.  Taxation is not donation.

– I do not believe the steps in the bill will lower the cost of healthcare.

I believe the opposite that this bill will increase the cost of healthcare for me, for the poor, for the rich, for everyone.  I believe this because I believe in the next few years (before the majority of the bill kicks in!) that insurance companies are going to jack up rates on everyone.

-I believe that it is unconstitutional to require Americans to purchase healthcare.

To me, and I am by no means a constitutional scholar, this part of the bill requiring purchase of healthcare is in direct violation of the commerce clause.  Just sitting in my house, being alive, doesn’t engage me in commerce.

– I believe that for their to be real reform the Tort Laws need to change.

This isn’t even addressed in the bill.

-I am floored that college financing is even addressed in this bill.

I understand that most legislative bills contain pork.  I understand that all kinds of superfluous things are tossed into bills.  But I think the government take over the ENTIRE student loan industry is wrong.  I believe in free enterprise.  I believe in having private student loans available.  While *this* administration may not be nefarious and deny people college funding based on a variety of criteria like political belief, age, sex, race, etc, who knows what the future holds?  The beauty of our Constitution is that although it is a simple document, more or less 6 pages, it’s basic foundation of power to the people, the states, and the limited power to the federal government gives a large margin of protection to the people.  When the government has all the power–healthcare, educational finance, food (did you know that this bill also has clauses about information menus must contain?) they have nothing to fear from the people…I believe that it anticonsitutional…

Okay, enough about that…

Mr. T’s schedule is changing.  😦  I’m bummed.  But trying to get over it.

BFF is having a girl and I’m ecstatic.  But trying to get over it.  🙂

Here we go with medicated cycle #6…exciting…that would deliver a bundle to us around early/mid January 2011.  That’s exciting and depressing.  2011.  Seriously?  Really?  I think I’m also going to call the Fertility Clinic and make an appointment for late May.  We have 2 more medicated cycles available and then we’ll need another option.  We are conflicted over the whole injectables/IVF quandry.  Injectables=less money=higher chance for multiple multiples  IVF=more money=less change of multiple multiples=possible leftover babies.  Sigh.  Who knew trying to get a belly full of arms and legs was such a moral quandry?  I always knew that for me it would be fertility treatment and thus quandry.

I like the bisquick “blueberry pancake” song.  😀

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Fire Nancy Pelosi

Her Days Are Numbered.

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Risotto! Oh MY GOODNESS!

So, tonight, in keeping with the policy of serving guests things one has made many times and are sure crowd pleasers I served my guests all foods I had not cooked before save one–asparagus.

Our grocer had some lovely chicken breasts stuffed with muenster cheese and asparagus on sale when I was there on Wednesday so I picked some up.  I had never had them before but they were tasty!

With this main course that I had never made before and had no idea if it would be good or not I served asparagus and risotto.

I have never made a risotto before.  I will again.  Although my recipe made enough for about 20 people so we have *plenty* of leftovers.  It was like rice alfredo.  Honestly, simply fantastic and other then lots of stirring fairly simple.

Onions and garlic sauteed in butter and olive oil.  Add in the risotto.  Cook a little while.  Start adding chicken broth.  Stir and stir.  When the rice is creamy and cooked through add cream, fresh cracked pepper, a little nutmeg (my addition to the recipe!), and parmesan cheese.  Wow.  The recipe actually came from Pioneer Woman —————->

She can be found over there.  Search her site for risotto and you get like 5 different recipes.  This is her recipe for just regular risotto.

My guest groaned and one point and said, “This is like restaurant food.”  😀 😀 😀   Yeah.  That’s nice.

For dessert Mr. T. helped me make Pioneer Woman’s chocolate sheet cake into cupcakes.  Then, I’m a sucker for her, I tell ya, I made the “best vanilla frosting” from her site.  Um.



I was skeptical and honestly, my flour/milk batch had clumping issues so I tossed it into my mixer and whirred it until it was cool…I figured that would help the clumps (I’m fortunate that it did!).  I added the sugar while it whirred figuring dissolving the sugar crystals would make a smooth frosting rather than a grainy one.  Plus I thought it would help the flour/milk mixture cool faster by increasing the volume.  Once it was cool I threw in chunks of butter.  I probably used more like 1 1/2 cups and the recipe only called for 1 cup but I don’t have sticks of butter and I didn’t feel like weighing it.  🙂

It was delicious.  Mr. T. “If there was frosting before the fall of man in Eden, it might have been almost the good.”  😀  He liked the cupcakes too.

In 2WW news I’m pretty sure I’m going to start on Monday.  But that’s okay.  A New Year’s baby would be fine.  We had originally thought we might skip this next cycle so as to avoid a Christmas baby but since this cycle was a tad longer than they have been and so was the previous one we are now looking at being clear of Christmas.  My acupuncturist had prescribed (is that the right word…she isn’t a doctor but she ordered meds and said, “Take these.  Here’s how.  Now pay.”) some pills to decrease phlegm.  They smell AWFUL.  Worse than awful.  Like awful that has been sitting around for weeks in an unrefridgerated space just festering and rotting away.  I’m to take them on CD9-17 or so.  Traditional chinese medicine has been helpful so far so why not?  It’s just *8* pills THREE times a day right!  😀  That’s only 192 pills in 8 days…yikes…

BFF finds out whether she is having a pony or a race car this week.  That’s exciting.  I think everyone I know is pregnant right now.  Which is cool.  I’ve never been in this situation before.  As I have discussed here before Mr. T. and I have a rather large percentage of friends who are child free by choice.  Like for awhile BFF and her hubs were the only friends who hoped to be breeders that we had.  Crazy.  I guess like attracts like, right?

Tomorrow I’m BBQing up some baby back ribs.  Shut yo mouth good.

Oh, and I’m so glad that the House of Representatives has decided to FOLLOW THE CONSTITUTION.  They will not be using the “deem” rule.  Thank goodness.  I was trying to figure out what I could run to.  I mean if the law means nothing where are we as a society.

I’m not saying I’m okay with what is going to happen.  I do believe the Dems will get the healthcare bill passed but at least it will be on a legitimate vote.  I’ve written my representative.  If he votes for it, that’s okay, I will replace him.

Voting for this bill is like adding another whole in the bottom of the bathtub that is our economy.  We have to stem the flow.  Those who argue that this bill will help plug existing holes clearly don’t have a grasp of the mathematics involved.  CBO only score the first 10 years.  I wonder how medicaid and welfare scored for their first 10 years?  Probably not the tidal wave they are now.  New entitlements only grow.  But that is part of the plan.  If everyone is dependent on the government then they have the power.

Can you imagine going to the DMV for heart surgery?

If you are for this bill I challenge you to find *1* family practioner/PCP who is for this bill.  Since this will drastically effect their lives and there are roomers that 1/3 have said they will retire if this passes…I think it is a fair position.  Without regular doctors our healthcare system will fail.

Also, I imagine that my tax burden is going to increase exponentially.  I mean, everyone’s taxes will so I don’t mean to be egocentric with that statement.  I also wonder how this will effect my income.  My state owes me around $20,000 in unpaid medicaid claims that I don’t expect to ever see a dime of.  Luckily, I have other contracts but none of that is tax deductible for me.  I just have to eat it.  If my state is willing to screw me over like that…imagine how much more the beauracrats in Washington will!  😀

Anyway, sorry to digress.  We also watched The Pacific tonight and Survivors.  I could recommend both.  Um, and it is Survivor*S* on the BBC not the stupid island show.  The risotto was awesome!

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Oodles of Poodles Depositing Their Droppings

All over the lawn of my Monday.

I’m a little freaked out…but then I read some posts and a woman on the interwebs tells me no worries.  Ack, I’m sorry.  I’ll start at the beginning.  So, my endocrinologist called this morning…well *he* didn’t call, his nurse called.  Evidently, my lab results from my annual thyroid check were, let’s call them, “alarming.”  So, I’ve been on the same medicine dose for years and have gone from being hypothyroid years ago to being “euthyroid”.  That means on the medicine my body is like there is nothing wrong.  Cool word.

So, I was released to annual thyroid blood draws.  In September when I was pregnant my thyroid was checked and came back “beautiful.”  Well, tell that to this most recent draw.

TSH = 0.088  Um.  That’s like super hyper.

FreeT4 = 1.94  The lab only measures up to 2…

Surprising to say the least.  So the doc is going to decreased my drug.  Fine.  Then the nurse adds this kicked, “And he wants you to postpone fertility treatment 6 weeks.”  Um.  I’m 4-6 days from finding out if I’m pregnant.  I’m fiercely hoping I’m pregnant.  If I’m not…well…

6 weeks?  Really?

I mean, in the scheme of things that isn’t going to make the difference between having a certain number of kids.  I guess.  But if I’m already pregnant I’m sure it will be fine (I mean I’ve already had 2 dead babies inside me, what’s a third right?)  (Oh.No.She.Didn’t.)  (Yeah, she has a really brutal comedic streak about herself at times…this would be one of those times…) so if that is fine, why wouldn’t it be fine to continue with treatment?  I guess I could go see my RE for this coming cycle…nothing like paying for ultrasound scans of potential babies at CD14!  😀  I guess that would be the compromise…but that’s extra money and I’m tight with the fundage.

But anyway, a woman on the interwebs told me that I shouldn’t be worried because she had hyperthyroid and was able to conceive and carry to term.  I go back to the doc in 6 weeks so we’ll see…

Right now I’m having some serious acid reflux…is it a sign?  😀  Of pregnancy, not hyperthyroid.  I have *0* symptoms of hyperthyroid…haven’t lost weight (gah!), sleep just fine, no worries, no sweating, no overheating, no rapid pulse…soooooooo yeah, giant poodles of droppings all over…I would be *JUST fine* if I had “unexpectedly” dropped 20 pounds or so.

Okay, on to a better Tuesday…maybe with terrific Turtles tootling their tadas!  😀

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Reiner Knizia (WOW!) designed a tour for us for Tennessee Game Days!  Check it out!

Oops…the blog isn’t updated yet…anyway…Reiner Knizia!!!!

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Tennessee Game Days

Bigger.  Badder.  Bedder.

I think that basically says everything you need to know.



So, Tennessee Game Days is an awesome annual regional gaming convention in Nashville, Tennessee.

Gaming?  No, not slot machines…board games.

Monopoly?  Probably not.  More german board games get played than anything else.

What’s a german board game?  Sigh.  Only the best form of recreation available indoors!  Basically cool games that are easy to learn and fun to play.  A better definition:

So what’s so special about this years TGD?  Um.  Opryland Hotel and Resort!  We made the leap from a church fellowship hall to the grand duchess of the resort world…yep…we are being hosted by Opryland Hotel and Resort.  I can hardly believe it myself!

I can’t afford Opryland!  Are you kidding me?!  Yes, you can!  We got a spectacular rate of $114 a night.

What?!?  I can’t get a room at the Holiday Inn for that.  Are you sure?  Oh, I know…it must be broom closet sized rooms…  Nope!  A regular room for $114 a night…but…if you act quickly because I think we only have 1 or 2 special deals available you can get that self-same room for like $80 a night!

Okay, what’s the catch?  No catch.  Sign up under our room block and then we’ll give you a credit on your bill.  Easy as pie!

So, why would I want to attend a gaming conference?  To hang out with me!  No, seriously?  To play some of the best board games on earth, in a gorgeous location, with some of the friendliest people around.

Here’s more information!

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