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I’ve never been more pregnant than I am right now!

So today I am one day more pregnant than I have ever been.  What a triumph!  What a relief! 

Here’s a picture for proof (although it was from yesterday)

Baby Valentine is measuring right on schedule and is 21.5 MM.  I think that is almost half an inch.  Well, it is a tad more than 2 cm either way.  😉  To celebrate yesterday I went to buy new under things to support the top load I am now carrying.  Practical is never fun.  Or particularly comfortable.  Oh, well.  So, this is a fairly boring update because everything is going well.  Oh, the heart rate was 163 beats per minute. 

 Gramma and Grampa D were able to go with us and see the images live and hear the heartbeat live.  That was great.  They were visiting for the weekend.  We did all kinds of stuff: breakfast at Lovelace (fantastic!), Firefly Festival in Dickson, saw Killers the movie (it was okay), went to Brixx for dinner (it was NOT good), went to IHOP for breakfast (it was good), napped/watched TV/read on the couch, went to The Farmhouse (new restaurant nearby that was okay), went to Pancake Pantry (pretty good although the waitress wreaked of smoke), and visited…

Mr. T’s Mom is at the hospital this morning for a lumpectomy.  She has invasive ductous cancer.  There isn’t much of it though.  We wish her well today and with her treatment.


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Okay, so, yeah, I had a Birthday yesterday

It involved being furious with Mr. T. for an hour or so.  Macaroni N Cheese with green beans for lunch.  Having my toe nails painted a lovely shade of pinky/red.  Interviewing our midwife.  Cooking a delicious meal- Flank steak marinated with lime, chili powder, garlic, and salt, then grilled and topped with a lime, cilantro, chili powder butter!  Gah!  Drooling again!  Roasted corn.  Roasted zucinni, squash, vidalia onion, and red peppers.  A fanastic salad- lettuce, carrots, jalepeno, tomatoes, onion, cheddar cheese, red pepper, and crunched up doritos (instead of croutons) dressed with homemade ranch.  Enjoying previously mentioned meal with a few close friends.  OH!  And there were BALLOONS!  Mr. T provided this key celebratory ingredient.  Whimsical and decorative.

It was good.

Oh, and a fabulous ice cream cake with pralines and cream ice cream with yellow cake.  YUMMY.

Mr. T tucked me into bed and went to work.  I read and tried to sleep.  Read and tried to sleep.  Read and tried to sleep.  Then randomly at 1am I threw up.  Did I metion we had dinner at like 6:30pm?  I threw up so hard I gave myself a nose bleed.  I came downstairs then to get a cup of tea to help settle things.  Then I threw up again.  More.  But not tea.  I don’t get it.  Then the dry heaving began.  I didn’t get to sleep til around 4am.

So I had to call out of work again today.  I’m nearly worthless right now.  Tired.  Tummy upset.  Had to cancel my acupuncture appointment cause I don’t think I should drive.  Oh, and did I mention my face makes me look like a battered woman?  I have about a thousand pinprick blood vessel bleeds around my eyes.  Nice.


I’m not sad.  I’m having a baby!  😀  Yay!

We go Monday for another ultrasound.  It is the same day- chronologically- that we lost Baby Bean.  I’m not anxious though.   This feels totally different then the previous two pregnancies and since we have seen the heartbeat, I’m optimistic that everything is going to be 100% okay…

My parents will be here this afternoon to stay for the weekend.  What fun!  I have no idea what we will do though since I think it will be around 100 degrees.  Yuck.

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Father-To-Be’s Day!

Mr. T had a great day today.  He got a text around midnight from his adoring wife (THAT”S ME!) wishing him his very FIRST Happy Father’s Day.  I don’t need much reason to celebrate and the fact that his progeny isn’t visible to anyone but the ultrasound lady doesn’t make a whit of difference to me.  As far as I am concerned, he’s a Dad.  I mean, he does the dishes (so I don’t have to smell them), cleans the toilets (so I have a sanitary emeting area), sets the alarm clock, brings me water all so that this Little Valentine can grow strong and healthy.

For booty, Mr. T got 2 cards, the Hop on Pop (Dr. Seuss!) pop up book, and a new watch.  His old watch broke awhile ago and it seemed a Dadly gift.  He doesn’t need to wear a tie to work so I had little to work with.  Oh, and I stiched up a “love letter” bag ala SouleMama to wrap the gifts/cards in and for him to have a place to keep his Dadly prized possessions like first drawings and homemade cards to come.  He said it was “odd” but folded it carefully and said he’d need to organize what goes in there.  🙂  He liked the watch so that’s good.

As a surprise I took him to our local doula/breastfeeding/earthbirthy/childbirth classes grand opening.  It was hot.  But he seemed to have an okay time.  He did the door prize scavenger hunt by himself anyway.  🙂  I got a little henna wrist design.  We saw BFF and her husband their.  Then the 4 of us went to a local Caribbean restaurant for some lunch/dinner.  Neither Mr. T nor I ate.  I was feeling particularly nauseous and Mr. T had consumed pounds of coffeecake upon waking just an hour or so before.  But we had a lovely time visiting.

We stopped by the drugstore to pick up my medicine and headed to the jewelry store to get a link or two removed from Mr. T’s new watch.  Alas, the jewelry store had closed so Mr. T’s watch is as-of-yet unworn.  Evidently, bracelet watches just aren’t that manly.  Who knew?

So, Mr. T the loving, thoughtful guy he is, on *HIS* day says, “Why don’t we go order your birthday cake and buy you an ice cream cone?”  Yeah.  Sweet guy.  Great guy!

So we went across the street and put in the Baskin Robbins ice cream cake order that sounds yummy.  I was torn between a Very Berry Strawberry/White cake Cake and a Pralines and Cream/White cake Cake.  Yeah.  Isn’t that always the dilemma there?  Yes, of course, pralines won.  😀

I cried.  Sobbed actually.  An old woman with 2 black eyes (resembling me since my unfortunate computer accident on Thursday night) said, “I’m thirsty.”  So, her presumed husband guides her gently by the elbow to the water fountain where he pushes in the bar to make the water come out.  She sticks her hands in the water and plays.  He gently holds her hands with one hand, the bar with the other, and says, “Honey, you are thirsty.  Take a drink.”  She looks bewildered.  She plays in the water some more.  He tries two more times looking more and more sad.  I watch and then tell Mr. T.  Well, okay, I try to tell Mr. T but cannot stop sobbing.  Such love and such pain.  This is what life is made of.

While waiting for Mr. T to finish his mint chip I suggested that we have hot wings for dinner.  I said at the time that it was a mistake.  When we called in the order an hour and a half later it was no less of a mistake.  When we picked up the order and then brought it back home it continued to be a mistake.  Perhaps the mistaken-ness of it amplified once I took the first delicious bite or maybe it was the last, I couldn’t say for certain.  But it was a mistake, make no mistake.  Ewww.  Throwing up fire.  Ewww.  Gross.

So, Mr. T’s first Father’s Day had all the elements of a great time- presents, friends, ice cream, hot wings, vomit!  Yeehaw!

One thing they don’t tell you at the doctor’s office though–you can throw up so hard you pee yourself.  We HEART pregnancy!  😀

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I Cannot Stand Our Culture!

So, I have sent out invites to an event.  Very clearly on the invites were the words, “Please respond by 6/15 for accurate headcount.”  You see, I have to let the facility know just how many people will be attending.  Then I have to pay for the number of people I tell them will be there.  So if I say 20 people are going to be there and only 15 show up, I still pay for 20.  I don’t mind paying for people.  I do mind how FREAKING rude people seem to be these days.  In the past 20 minutes I have had these responses:

“Oh, I don’t know.  Can you call me back in 30 minutes?”  — Yes, yes, I can because I have nothing better to do tonight than call people who couldn’t be bothered to email me or reach me on either of the two phone numbers that were on the flippin’ invitation.  Sure.  I’d love to set the timer on the stove for 30 minute so I can follow up with you.  Because, truely, you are the center of the universe.  –UPDATE– I just phoned, as requested, and got the answering machine.  REALLY?  REALLY?  Deep breath.  I’ll bet you, loyal reader, all the Toblerone candy in my house that I NEVER hear from this person. 

“I will try to be…but we will just have to wait and see. 😉 ”  –Oh, that’s right.  It isn’t offensive at all if you put a winking smilely face after it!  I’d be happy to pay to hold a spot while you make up your mind about whether you will grace us with your presence.  😉 

“Sure.  That’s this Saturday right?”  ME- No.  July 10th.  “Oh, I’m sure I can make it.  That’s in Franklin right?”  ME- No.  It’s at the Tea Company.  “Oh, well, I knew it was off the beaten path.”  ME which I didn’t say- Well, since I sent you an invitation with all this information and clearly you’ve completely disregarded every bit of it, I’m just going to mark you as a “no” because I don’t really think it is safe for you to leave your home or drive.  Ever. 

WHAT THE HECK IS WRONG WITH OUR CULTURE?  WHY OH WHY are we this way?  It just makes me so angry.  I’m sure that my hormones aren’t helping the situation but seriously?  We have phones so that we never have to be out of touch.  We have email on our phones so we never have to be out of touch.  And yet.  We are the most out of touch society ever.  I spent time and money making invitations.  I’m trying to throw my friend a nice party.  And yet you can’t be bothered to just take 15 seconds and dial your phone, enter in my email address, and say, “Yes, see you then,” or “Nope.  Can’t make it.” 

Come on people!  Have some class!

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And we have heart tones!

Today at the doc’s we got to hear the beautiful sound of the baby’s heartbeat…a whopping 142 beats per minute….shush, shush, shush…glorious!  Also, baby has been working overtime and has almost tripled in size!  All the way up to 8.5 MM. 

Yeah, now the elementary school math must kick in.  Remember the centimeter rulers we all had to use during that one week in math when we learned about the metric system?  Okay, a milimeter is one tenth of a centimeter.  So the baby right now is less than a centimeter long from the top of it’s head to the bottom of its bottom.  Legs and arms are just little buds at this point!  The baby is still measuring a day ahead.  Mr.T. says it has to do with flying back and forth to France.  😀

Here’s our latest picture…

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Gossip Girl

So years ago at a party I overheard someone say, “Gosh, I think she is *so* hot.  If I wasn’t married I’d be all over that!”  Just found out that the sayer and she did in fact sleep together.  Yeah.  Despite that the sayer’s wife recently had a baby.  Yeah, I guess I should have started with despite the fact that the sayer was married.  She is also married.

I realize that I shouldn’t be surprised but I am truly thrown here.  I’m not sure I’ve been aware of other couples cheating before.  It isn’t something that really exists as an option in my world.  I haven’t had any close girlfriends who have cheated (that I’ve known of).  Yet, here are 2 people whom I both know who have done this thing that has resulted in the heart ache of those they promised to love and respect.  I just don’t get it.

I know there are many in the church community who are “preserve the marriage” at all costs.  I’m not really like that.  I think it is possible to work on a relationship after infedelity and come out with a stronger marriage on the other side.  But I don’t think that a majority of people in relationships with cheating are able to do this.  I think that the kind of disrespect it takes to cheat on your spouse is the kind that is hard to correct.

Anyway, I’m sad for these families.  I’m probably hopelessly naive as well.  But I kind of like that.

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First picture!

Okay, what you are seeing…the black circle on the left is the baby.  The white/gray smudge on the upper right (within the black circle) is the heart.  The lower white/gray smudge is the yolk sac.  The heart is beating!  😀  We go next week for another scan to make sure the heart is beating as fast as it is supposed to.  I’m sure it will!

Breathing easier tonight!

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