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Tomorrow is here TODAY!

Isn’t it just amazing how that happens?  We are no longer languishing in yesterday!  Instead here we are in today!  And the promised pictures! 

First I finished this–it took me more than a year but that’s because at some point in the fall I realized I had made a mistake and would have to rip seams to fix it.  It seemed like a gigantic ordeal then.  Saturday it took almost no time to rip the seams and restitch them correctly.  Viola! 

Then Saturday afternoon I started on this project for my cousin’s anticipated bundle of joy.  It took around 6 hours split between Saturday and yesterday.  I would have had it finished on Saturday but I didn’t have the batting.  I know, I know, how awful, a visit to the local quilt shop.  I was brave.  I promise.  🙂

Then I decided to make Mr. T and I a big old (okay, brand new) picnic blanket.  So I found the most garish, festive, and lively prints I could.  Here’s what happened!

So, I’ve been busy being creative and have totally slacked on other duties like cooking and cleaning.  Mr. T doesn’t mind though I think he believes the pregnancy books that say I might be feeling more creative and that it is important for the baby that I fulfill these whims.  🙂  I’m lucky that way.  DISCLAIMER!  Before you say, “Impossible!  There is no way you did all that in just 9 hours!”  Just know that the log cabin quilt (the top pictures) and the picnic blanket are only pieced, they aren’t completely finished with batting and backing.  These are too large for me to quilt myself so they are outsourced.  I will drop them off next week as a finished top, finished back, batting ,and binding, and get a professionally assembled and quilted quilt back!  It is exciting!  Oh, and remember that the log cabin quilt was 97% completed but languishing in the “have to rip the seam” basket.  Oh, and I sew like I’m driving a race car!  😀


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Check Here Tomorrow!

And you’ll see what I’ve been up to <rubs hands together in a malevolent way with a spark in her eye> other than growing a child in my abdomen.

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So I had a doctor’s appointment yesterday.  My blood pressure was a surprise to the nurse: 110/64.  I said, “I think your blood pressure goes down when you are pregnant.”  She said, “You’re pregnant?”  I said, “Yes, I’m 12 weeks.”  She said, “We didn’t know that.”  I didn’t say, “You didn’t ask.”  I did say, “Was I supposed to call and tell y’all?  I figured I could let y’all know during this appointment.”

According to their records my weight is the same since mid-April.  According to the WiiFit I’ve lost 3 pounds since getting the + test at the end of May.  Both are probably right because I’m sure France added a pound or two!  Yum!

Mr.T goes in on Tuesday to request to be moved to a different shift.  I’ve got fingers, toes, and prayers crossed that his request is considered.  I don’t really have much to say today…I’m feeling better still, we can easily find BabyValentine’s heartbeat with the doppler now-right around 163 or so.  I think I’m going to go stitch together a quilt for my cousin who is due end of August/beginning of September…

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Home Improvement FAIL

So, on Mr. T’s days off we managed to cut 1 piece of crown molding, attempt twice to hang it, and finally abandoned the project.  We will just hire someone to do it.  We will do our part to help the local economy.  Yeah.  See, here’s the thing, I have hung crown molding before.  It is no big deal.  Easy-peasy-macaroni N cheesy!  But Mr.T has no practical home repair experience beyond what we have done together at this home.  He has never sawed, glued, nailed, measured…those basic skills required for crown molding hanging.  I’m also, if you didn’t know, pregnant (aka hormonal) so having to rein the rage down eight or nine notches as he stands and looks at me clueless wasn’t upping the “Gee this is FUN and EASY!” factor.  And it is hot.  So we will plug a few hundred dollars into our local economy and hire out the work and continue to enjoy our good relationship.  🙂

We did manage to move several boxes out of the would-be nursery and into the hall way.  And we did assemble the crib.  The drop side doesn’t work but we both agreed that was okay.  Besides, I think drop side cribs have been recalled.  So, we continue to unpack boxes and move things to the garage to go to Goodwill.  But I may just call the 800-junk people because I don’t want to get audited and we have given like a whole house full of furniture and stuff away already.  I would like to be able to park in the garage before 2011.

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Tuesday? Saturday? Ack!

I was on the phone last night helping someone process their day.  Towards the end of the conversation I said, “Look, go have a beer, relax, and have a good weekend!”  The person on the other end hesitated for a moment and awkwardly said, “Yeah, I’ve already requested a screwdriver be ready for me at home.”

Around 3am Mr. T and I were enjoying some Waffle House (he got off work early and I had awoken s.t.a.r.v.i.n.g) when I went, “Ack!  Today is Monday (Tuesday!) it isn’t the weekend at all.  I bet phone person thinks I am off my rocker.”  Well, so goes it when people in the house have vastly different schedules.  I’m not completely off my rocker.  I don’t think.

Couple the crazy schedule with the fact that I spent Saturday night emissing and dry heaving until 5am when I finally took 2 benedryl and was finally able to sleep.  My face looks AWFUL.  I have tiny pin prick blood vessels shattered all around my eyes, hairline, down my cheeks, and across my neck.  I seriously look like a murder victim who was choked to death.  Lovely.

BUT Saturday day I hostessed a baby shower for BFF.  She is due in like 25 minutes.  Okay, more like 30 some days.  I’m having panicky thoughts that she’ll go into labor while I’m out of town celebrating Gramma’s 89th birthday.  “Sorry, Gramma, I know you are only 89 once but BFF is having her first kid.  Gotta go.”  Back to the shower.  It was wonderful.  We had it at a local tea shop which is in an old house with creaky wooden floors and high ceilings.  We circled up enough chairs for everyone and prayed, washed her feet, and prayed while we laid hands on BFF.  Very moving.  She deserves every blessing with this coming labor and life changes.  Then we ate.  OH My GOODNESS.

We started with warm from the oven cream cheese scones with clotted blackberry cream.  Peach iced tea.  On a three tier tray on each table was starting from the top: a tray of fruits-grapes, kiwi, pineapple, a tray of cucumber dill sandwiches (wowza yum!), bacon, aioli, spinach, and grape tomato sandwiches (goodness!), chicken salad phyllo cups, carrot strips, and a tray of blackberry bars, mini pineapple upside down cakes, and chocolate dipped strawberries.  Then came out warm lemon poppyseed muffins.  We all thought we died!  😀   We started to circle back up for present opening when the waitress/tea lady said, “There is more to come!”  Then everyone was served a goblet of the most delicious peach sorbet topped with homemade whipped cream.  Due to Baby Valentine I just had a small bite of everything but everything was really, really tasty.

It was just a perfect little party and best of all I didn’t really have to do anything.

Oh, I do have to boast just for a minute.  I LOVE the gifts Mr. T and I got for BFF.  Mr. T spotted a little (like 8 inches) porcelain bird nightlight/lamp.  It was on clearance.  Perfect!  And I spotted a soft fabric, embellished, cardboard/balsa wood backed doll house replete with soft fabric people and furniture- table, chairs, bed, clawfoot tub, couch, and chair.  SO adorable.  LOVE IT.  I hope MissE likes it too.  I figure the people will be good for slobbering on until she is old enough to play.  In the meantime the house matches the decor in MissE’s room and makes lovely decoration.

We are going to try on Mr. T’s days off today and tomorrow to hang the crown molding in our dining room.  I’ve hung crown molding before, it is a little room, so I’m sure it will be fine.  We’ll…see…though…

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Happy July 8th!

Yeah, so I missed a post on July 4th.  Big deal.  😀  I was out having fun…you know…watching fireworks…taking 3 naps a day…emissing my guts up…you know, the usual festive Independence Day stuff!

I went to visit my Gramma and Grampa.  My brother and his wife flew in as well.  My Mom was there.  See, it was a party!  Actually, it was several.  We had our annual 4th of July family reunion–yes, you read that correctly, we have an annual 4th of July reunion (and an annual Christmas Eve reunion but saying we had our semiannual or biannual reunion just leads into confusing territory that no one wants to enter.) –and a good turn out.  Oh, it turns out all of my second girl cousins are pregnant.  They are all due in August and September though.  Next 4th of July will be hopping with the younger set for the first time since, well, the late 70’s/early 80’s.  Much talk of babies…

So that was lunch time.  At dinner time we had our family 4th of July dinner and fireworks shooting.  The fireworks were terrific as always.  I think every year Grampa out does himself even more!

Then Mr. T and I met at a nearby lake (he didn’t get to go to Gramma and Grampa’s cause he had to work, poor thing) to celebrate him having an extra day off of work.  We lounged on our mesh floaty thing in the lake, went to a huge quilting store where I purchased an obscene amount of fabric for new projects, drove through an Amish area, took 3 naps a day, puked out guts up (okay, I’m the only one doing that), and overall had a great time.  It made me really wish that December and the opportunity for Mr. T to get a different work schedule would hurry up and arrive!

I’ve lost .7 pounds in the past 4 weeks.  That’s okay with me.  I’m not trying to lose weight but I’m not really trying to gain any either.  Just staying the same is okay by me.  BFF keeps trying to explain that that would mean I had lost weight because the baby weighs some amount.  I tell her like I told the car salesman, “I don’t care how the numbers shake out, just make it work.”  See, I’m trying to follow the oh, so helpful tip in my pregnancy journal, “Gain only healthy weight.”  Yeah.  Who wants to get a fat mattress of unhealthy weight?  😀

Oh, and I’ve made it to 10 weeks!  Yahoo!

Oh, and I found out my B-I-L and his wife are expecting their first baby 2 weeks before we are expecting ours.  I wish them the best!

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