Life is good…

I cannot decide if time is moving terribly quickly which is why days pass in a blur of nursing AU, feeding my own face, maybe a brief outing, and then sleep.  Or if time is actually moving very slowly but I’m just not getting very much accomplished because watching my golden rabbit dream in her sleep or making cooing sounds as I make my mouth into an O as she watches is just so much more rewarding then blogging, showering, or pretty much anything except nursing or eating.


We have been out and about some despite the fatigue and constant hunger.  Yesterday we went to the art museum.  It was raining and cold out and I was stir crazy.  The museum allows strollers so Mr. T and I packed up and walked around.  I didn’t care for any of the exhibits- one was photoshop creations involving animals, one was on hindu art, and another was photographs of urban type stuff.  But it was really nice to walk around somewhere new, stretch the legs, and just be out of the house.  It occurred to me that I haven’t been in the house for 2 weeks…no it is now 5 weeks almost 6.  So, it makes sense that I want out and about.

Mr. T, the mystery man of the interwebs, and I have yet to decide what we are going to do about AU and the web.  So far I have been emailing family and friends pictures but without fail it seems that I take people off the TO: line thinking, “Why would Great Aunt Margery want to see pictures of my little squeak?”  And maybe Aunt Margery wants to see photos?  I think getting AU a website where I can post pictures and updates (like she is using her potty like a champ!) and if people want to look at it they can but I’m not spamming there inbox with photos.

In the con camp though is her privacy.  If you think about it…these most recent babies have whole new privacy issues to contend with.  20 years from now will it be a great thing that Moms and relatives have posted pictures of little Johnny and Jane all over Facebook and Snapfish?  What if AU runs for office, becomes a CEO, and someone finds a picture of her covered in chocolate pudding sitting on a table smiling from when she was 3 and sends it to the press or reposts it somewhere?  I wouldn’t have cared about having photos of me as a young child on the interwebs but what about awkward 11-15?  No thanks!  No one needs to know about blue eye shadow and multiple hairstyle fails.

I guess it comes back to does AU have a reasonable expectation of privacy (isn’t that the court/Constitutional/law enforcement standard) that we as her parents should safeguard by not posting her picture and milestones everywhere?  Or has our 21st century lifestyle pretty much obliterated any privacy and Mr. T and I ought to join every parent we know and plaster images of our precious one everywhere?  This is what I think about at 2am as I sit in the dark nursing.  Unfortunately, I don’t really have 2 brain cells to rub together at that time so we haven’t really come to any conclusions.

If you’d like to be added to the email picture list or taken off feel free to let me know…


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  1. Emily

    What about if you set up a password protected blog to post pictures and AU musings and then give the password to said email list. Surely no one you trust with said password would *ever* think about reposting a picture of her covered in chocolate pudding when she runs for president in 45 years 🙂

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