What we’re up to…

We spent this past weekend navigating the fun that is Tennessee Game Days.  Even AU attended!  I played my favorite game *ever* Age of Steam with some of my favorite game players.  I also played Mr. T’s fave Battle Star Gallactica with the Iona Nebula expansion.

Saturday night we had diaper failure.  Mr. T had accidentally purchased Size 3s.  They said 7-20kg on the package.  😦  No fair!  So we ran out of diapers just at the critical “poop every 3 minute” hour of AU’s evening.  Mr. T had to contend with downtown Nashville traffic on his quest for some size 1s.  I had to contend with a cranky, cranky baby pooping continuously both on and off her potty.

Oh, yeah, we are doing elimination communication with AU.  She is a rockstar!  She pees and poops on her potty between 3 and 8 times a day.  We like having fewer messes to clean up.

AU got her first bottle of breast milk last night.  Mr. T enjoyed feeding her.  It took her about 3 minutes to finish up what would have taken 10 minutes nursing.  I thought it would be more of a relief but it wasn’t really.  Bottles will allow me to see Cats and Les Mis this spring so no real complaints!

I have watched all Netflix episodes of Secret Life of the American Teen and am on to Grey’s Anatomy.  Filth.  😀  But it makes 2:30am more bearable.

Au is cooing and babbling to herself and in response to our coos and faces.  She will also stick out her tongue in mimic.  And makes her mouth into an *O* and smile!  It is just wonderfully darling and as Mr. T says, “This is so reinforcing!”

Oh, and Happy Birthday Dad!



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