The week- Last and This

I think we successfully navigated the worst week yet!  Yahoo!  This side of it I can rejoice.  So, last post indicated AU and I had thrush.  Well, add to that our first cold, a two night trip to the in-laws, 6 week growth spurt, and Grampa in the hospital and voila!  Worst.  Week.  Ever.

In happier news AU is up to 9 pounds!  Yeah.  I’ve been cleared by the OB back to a normal life.  Yahoo!

Grampa is out of the hospital and at home resting.  We will be up to visit mid-April…without illness, growth spurt, or further hospital drama.

I think we are going to join the Y.  I have this crazy “I need to get moving” feeling and the lousy weather is standing square in the way. I know real walkers/runners go about their business rain or shine but I just hate it.  I hate to be wet.  Some days it is all I can stand to do that awful shower to dry transition for a minute or so.  I cannot imagine the soggy, awful feeling of a 2 mile walk in the rain.  Shoes sloshing, ears puddling with rain drops.  Gross.  But luckily, our Y is indoors with walls and roof.  It is expensive although not as expensive as the ludicrously priced “Body Back” thing offered here which is over $150 a month.  Really?  Seriously?

How did you avoid the excuses and get in shape?


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