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9 Weeks!

My goodness the time has flown!  My newborn is now a baby.  I think that is how it works anyway!  That the little, tiny precious one becomes a little bigger, not so tiny, even more precious one.

Having been breakfasted and pottied, she is currently laying beside me arms and legs doing their wild flailing content with her pacifier.  Then she turns her face to the side and lets it slide out of her mouth and turns to look at me.  Smiles.  And begins chatting and chatting.

What we have learned about her recently- She used to love kisses all over her face, now that must annoy her because she scrunches up and shakes her head (we think she likes to see us better than be kissed???).  She cannot tolerate a dirty diaper for more than about 2 minutes before it sends her into desperate cries (even when she is in disposables that wick away!).  She can turn from her side to her back and from her back to her side.  She has started flirting with men.  She will coo and smile and sort of do this eyelash batting thing.  We had 2 workmen to look at our bathroom floors and she was enthralled!  Of course though, *Daddy* far exceeds any other man for attention.  She will arch her back and thrust her head back to see him while he sings or talks.  Daddy may be second only to her left fist which she discovered this week, sometimes it is the thumb, sometimes the forefinger, sometimes the whole darn thing.  She has also started drooling and thus wearing her amber teething necklace.

Okay, okay, I promise my life isn’t all about my child.  Just mostly.  In other news BFF’s birthday was this week and we had a delicious picnic.  I made sandwiches on toasted french bread with butter, mayo, cheddar, boursin, grilled chicken, bacon, havarti, lettuce, and tomato and they were FANTASTIC.  It was a perfect sunny, breezy, mild day to have a picnic.  We also saw part of the Trains exhibit at Cheekwood.  It was okay.

I’ve been going to the Y pretty regularly and have gone from having a 10 minute endurance to a 45-60 minute one.  It’s great!  I feel good although I’m not yet enjoying the workout.  It is still awful work.  But I’m making myself do it and it isn’t as hard as I would have thought to make myself.  And that is good.

Mr. T got his haircut yesterday and we had AU’s Easter picture taken.  Bunnies included.  In the picture, not the haircut.  There were absolutely no bunnies at the hair salon.  I am loving the hair salon by the way!

It is Style Kitchen just south of downtown.  My beautician, magician, hairdresser, stylist, grand guru of all things gorgeous (I’m not sure what title Chase prefers) recently relocated from his previous salon to Style Kitchen which he helped develop the concept for.  I recently had the best haircut of my LIFE from Chase at Style Kitchen.

Mr. T had his haircut by Mary and she did an awesome job.  She also gets the “best hair artist turned marriage therapist” award from me as she cut Mr. T”s hair in such a way as he loves it and so do I.  You might think that is an everyday occurrence for couples and it probably is.  Mr. T likes his hair really, really short though and I prefer it long on top so it isn’t sticking up strangely.  Mary accomplished a feat which few stylists can…the short long haircut.

Anyway, the new salon digs are gorgeous and relaxed.  Oh, and I had Rachel pluck my brows.  Ouch.  But my eyes look better and I’m hoping less sleep deprived.

Back to AU though, she is now the proud owner of a picture blog.  If you are so inclined to take a gander, shoot me an email and I’ll send you the link.


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