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Queen of Inappropriate and Awkward

Just in case you were ever in doubt about this…you may have said things to strangers, friends, or family that in retrospect may have been a tad over the line but yesterday I was so over the top as to careen over the line/top/cliff at such speeds that it would have made your head spin.  Thus, the reason I am now Queen of Inappropriate and Awkward.

Picture it:  We were strolling through the flea market, Mr. T, AU, and I having a lovely time.  I walk several booths away from Mr. T and AU to check the price on something and see a woman with a kid in a Baby Bjorn pushing a huge double stroller.  She is with another woman who is also pushing a huge stroller.  Between them ,running about, are many children.  As I turn to walk back to Mr. T and AU the Baby Bjorn woman says to Mr. T, “Just one?  You are a slacker!”  I hear this and without missing *one* beat respond as I approach, “Yes, well, we have 2 that are dead, so that’s okay.”

I know, I know, you are shaking your head saying, “Oh, no you didn’t!”  I assure you dear reader, I absolutely, positively did!

Almost needless to say, the woman turns on her heel, mouth slightly agape, and walks away.  I cannot say I blame her.  I am fairly instantly apologetic and as I bury my face in Mr. T’s neck I ask if I should go apologize.  He is giggling and saying, “No, no, I think we should just go,” and “I think she was joking.”

I realize that I, in fact, did not think she was joking and instead interpreted her remark as giving Mr. T a hard time.  I brook no one but me giving Mr. T grief.  I give him enough teasing and contrariness that he doesn’t need it from strangers!  Which is why my hackles were raised and thus the socially inappropriate response.

I’m fairly certain that given the chance to “apologize” I might have said something like, “I am sorry I thought you were giving my husband grief but lady you should not make comments on anyone’s conception choices.  Just because you are a Fertile Myrtle who cannot keep her knees together (or maybe you got your brood via IVF…see…no one should make comments!) does not make you Queen of Other’s Reproductive Business.  Now, as Queen of Inappropriate and Awkward, I dismiss you to go forth and harangue no more!  Begone from my sight!”

My Mom says it was a “crazy” comment.  Not like, “Oh, you so crazy.”  But more like *real* crazy.  I think it was just snarky and came from a dark place that is trying to lighten up.  Baby loss and miscarriage is so taboo in our culture and not that I think it is particularly healthy to bring up one’s dead kids to strangers, I do think if more people approached their comments to pregnant women, people with infants, and families with a touch more, “So happy for you!” and a bit less noisy Aunt Mildred (no offense to any actual Aunt Mildreds!) the world would be a less frustrating place to be.

So, repeat after me, “Congratulations!”  “I’m thrilled for you!”  “What a joy!”

I will try to be more gracious in my response.  Give a winning smile and a gentle and blessed thank you instead of something from the crazy box.  But no promises!  I am Queen afterall!


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We had AU’s Dedication yesterday.  My brother came in for the event as did my parents and Mr. T’s parents.  We had some friends and church goers over as well.  The pastor who married us did the blessing.  AU behaved spectacularly well the entire time.  She didn’t fuss or holler, she smiled and cooed.  She tolerated being passed around and held as well as the extra noise that 20 or so people make.  The food was good.  All in all it went very well.  Including sneaking her in under the rapture deadline.

Oh, wait, I guess that didn’t happen, huh?  Or did and here I am in heaven.  Maybe we should all just treat each other like it did.  Except that I’d be a major hypocrite to press that issue as I can be just as short tempered, mean spirited, and petty as the next human…and basically one of the reasons that I believe in God and the power of Jesus to save is that without supernatural help I would be unable to muster basic kindness on most days.  Boy, I have a dim view of humanity tonight, don’t I?  😀

Mr. T’s first week back at work passed quickly and uneventfully, if I do say so.  The time flies while he is gone and although I wouldn’t say I’ve been overly productive I did go to the Y each night and work out.  That’s good.  Oh, this balletone class.  Ugh!  I liked it so I’ll be going back but wow, did it ever work my muscles!  If you have one near you, you should check it out.

We saw Les Mis on Friday night.  This was the 25th anniversary edition.  I’m okay with the changes for the most part.  It was much darker and pained then the original.  That’s okay too.  It still made me jump to my feet with applause at the end and has been echoing around my brain since…”do you hear the people sing?”  I bought a t-shirt.  I can wear it to the Y to work out.  😀

So, I know that kale makes good dehydrated chips…what about other greens?  I have a bag of greens from my CSA and am wondering if I can do a simliar oil, low oven, salt treatment and wind up with anything edible.  Or radish chips?  Anyone???

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About the Beach and the Last Week

Yes, I know…Last Week shouldn’t be capitalized.  Except, I think it should so it is.  I’ll tell you why.  Mr. T goes back to work on Monday.  So, in the spirit of monumental things, Last Week is capitalized. 

Today we headed out for an adventure with a picnic.  We drove until we found rain, parked the van, and ate our picnic.  I nursed AU and we drove back home.  Not quite the beautiful spring day adventure we had thought we’d run into but a lovely time none-the-less.

We have 2 goals for the next 4 days.  Pull the dried glue off Mr. T’s medicine cabinet so we can glue the new mirror on.  Finish AU’s nursery.  We’ll see what happens.  Goals are for quitters. 

I miss the beach.  Terribly.  I want to go back.  Now.  But I’ll settle for posting pictures of the boat ride we took.  It was up the Appalachicola River (or to those in the know…the Chattahoochee) from bay.  There were dock homes, sunken boats, and just generally cool looking poverty about. 

I’m surprisingly tan (aka no longer see through!) considering how pale I was to begin with.  Not that the SPF 50 I wore didn’t block just about every scrap of UVA and UVB available.  I did not get burned though which is wonderful.  Mr. T however got burned pretty badly the first day and is still having issues.  I feel for him.  Sunburn for weeks on end is just no fun.  AU is the only baby I have ever known who enjoys having sunscreen applied.  She just laughed and laughed as it was rubbed on.  She also avoided any burning and is just a shade above translucent like her mama.

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We have *three* successful beginning to end, both sides in, nursing sessions under our belt SANS nipple shield!  I think I can safely declare victory over bad hospital lactation consultant and silicon barriers!  Yahoo!

In other news, did you hear that Osama Bin Laden was killed?  Eh.  It’s hard for me to get worked up into a lather over killing.  Just doesn’t seem very Christian.  Not that I don’t think society has a right to protect itself because I certainly do, just not celebrate.

Here at the most beautiful place in the world that has sand, sun, and salt water, we have been enjoying picturesque days and super delicious meals.  I have had 3 of the best shrimp meals I have ever had.  Just. so. yummy!  We cooked cheeseburgers and other delicious stuff here as well.

The downside is that this place has mirrors EVERYWHERE so I’m not exactly having a loving my body week but it is motivating me to get back to the gym when we get back home.  Speaking of getting back home…Mr. T and I will only have one more week before he goes back to work.  On one hand I’m excited because that feels *really* grown up but on the other AU and I will surely miss him.  I soothe myself with thinking of gym workouts, movies in the park, dancing in the park, early bedtimes, and maybe even Wednesday night church.

The camera is in the car but I have some pictures of a boat ride to post along with some more beautiful beach shots…stay tuned until Tuesday.

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No Words. Just pictures.

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Time Flies and Easter Greetings

I have had good ideas for blogging in the past several weeks…

A review of a Cantina Laredo which would have involved the words very slow, cold, and over priced.

A review of the Atlanta restaurant Canoe which would have contained the phrases, delicious, impeccable service, gorgeous grounds, and kitchen garden.

Details about AU beginning to attempt to roll over, grasp things, and sit up–seemingly all at once.

AU’s first Easter egg hunt slept through and her looking oh, so, scrumptious in her Easter dress, bonnet, and ruffle butt.  She wore the tights and shoes for her nap and then kicked them off.

But really April just flew by with nary a thought except thinking about going to the beach!  And now, here it is and here we are…I think I am in love!!!

But before I get to that…let me tell you about the Easter card I received from my Gramma.  My Gramma is the coolest in all the world. Possibly the most creative as well.

Like I said.  Coolest.  Most creative.  BEST Easter card E.V.E.R.

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