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Sometimes I Impress Myself

So, I was really inspired by all the creativity and awesomeness from the Chatty Crafty fair on Saturday.  So, Monday when I got home from being busy and having appointments I loved on my AU until she dozed off.  Then I practically ran to the craft room and absorbed the yumminess that are the quilting fabrics and ribbons I have bought and been given over the past few years.  It took me probably an hour to decide on the combination and to get an idea in my head of how I wanted the crafting goodness to look in the end.  But I did it!  I made AU an adorable sundress for right now.  It is even reversible!  And pleated!  What fun!


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Excellent Birthday!

Mr. T, AU, BFF, LittleE, and I passed a couple of great days in Chattanooga to celebrate my birthday. We hit the aquarium, Lupi’s Pizza Pie, Cheeburger Cheeburger, Sweet Basil Thai, Aretha Frankenstein’s, a children’s clothing store, and played some board games. A great way to celebrate. Mr. T, BFF, and LittleE had to come back home on Saturday so my Mom and Dad came up and the fun continued. AU and I explored Chatty Crafty with much success. It is actually the best craft show I have been to. I bought AU hairdads, dresses, a pair of pants, and myself some jewelry, and an inventive terrium in a light bulb. Mom and Dad, AU and I, went to El Metate for dinner and played board games. Luckily, I had all that fun and don’t feel a year older!

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Father’s Day 2011

Happy First Official Father’s Day to Mr. T!!!  Happy 33rd Father’s Day to My Dad!!!  Happy 6X Father’s Day to My Grampa!!!  And, if you are a Dad, know a Dad, or have seen one on the interwebs, Happy Father’s Day to you!

This week has been, well, a week!  Yes, I know it is amazing how that happens.  AU has figured out how to nibble her toes, is working on rolling over, and has found the dogs.  Molly is over the moon to be discovered.  She will slide and slide until her snout is just under AU’s arm and then roll over and show her belly.  Henry is mostly a “look at the baby from far away” kind of dog.  That’s okay too.

For Father’s Day Mr. T received a homemade t-shirt with the word “DADDY” embroidered on it in Superman, Batman, and Buzz Light Year fabrics.  AU has a matching one that says “BABY”.  Her’s is generously sized so as to be wearable for a good while (hopefully!).  We had her 4 month check up this past week and she is in the 95th percentile for height.  She is a long, tall drink of baby.  She has a roll or two developing mid-thigh but is still lean, lean.   (Honestly!  Despite my best effort here to not talk about AU it happened!  So sorry!)

Back to Mr. T’s Father’s Day!

I embellished a card from me, I made him a card from AU, oh, and got him a burr coffee grinder.  A word about burr coffee grinders.  They are a little bit more money then a whirly kind.  After this morning’s coffee I am TOTALLY sold.  In fact, I’m sorry my life lacked this until this morning.  I wish Father’s Day had been months ago.  I wish I had had AU when I was 14.  Okay, well, aside from the impossibility I don’t really wish that but if I could have known about burr ground coffee…yes, that would have been excellent!

This has been an AWESOME coffee week at our house.  See, I read Pioneer Woman’s cooking post about iced coffee.  I’m not really a coffee drinker (honest!)  but Mr. T loves the stuff.  I used to but baby making and caffeine are not allegedly good company.  Anyway, Pioneer Woman made iced coffee and had a little comment at the bottom of the post about making “Vietnamese” coffee by using sweetened condensed milk.  Yeah.  I thought for Father’s Day I’d show Mr. T some love by making him foreign coffee.  So, Thursday I brewed ( had an excellent series of posts by someone who did cold brew and hot brew (180 degrees please!) and measured how much coffee goodness was extracted and such…the short of it?  Hot brewed coffee is fuller bodied and more complex because more of the coffee is extracted) some hot coffee concentrate (4 times amount of grounds) added some sweetened condensed milk, poured it over a glass of ice and fell IN LOVE.  I know.  Strong words for a drink.  But seriously?  This is better than crack and anything Starbucks has ever made.  I have had coffee every morning since.  (And I feel great by the way!)

But this morning we did a smell and taste test between our whirly grinder and new burr grinder.  First, to be very fair, the beans from the whirly grinder were ground 48 hours prior.  I wouldn’t think that would make a huge difference as we aren’t talking weeks but maybe it does.  Smell wise the burr ground coffee was much, much more aromatic then the whirly grind.  Taste wise?  Let’s just say we had brewed 1 cup of whirly and 1 cup of burr and it was Father’s Day so I said, “I will drink the crappy coffee.”  And then mixed up the fabulous iced coffee of previous days and only had about a 1/3 of it.  It just wasn’t very good compared with the burr coffee so I didn’t drink it.  Now that I’ve been to the other side, I don’t know that I could go back.  I guess really about both things–burr grind and Vietnamese style iced coffee.

Happy Father’s Day.  Now, go make yourself so good coffee!


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Nursery! It isn’t tooooo late!

So, we started on AU’s nursery oh, back in 2009.  That’s when we had it painted.  I think it was September.  I had a dream.  No, a literal dream, one night about how the nursery should look.  I am really pleased that what I dreamt actually came to be.  That’s pretty cool.  I’m not much of a designer but I do know what I like and I.Like.This.  😀 

First, the paint…a caramel latte sort of color.  Lots of people who saw it said, “Oh, my,”  and “What were you thinking?”  Then about 18 inches from the ceiling a bright, bold canary gold stripe all the way around the room.  Pause.  Yes.  Light brown and bright yellow. 

The furniture is a turquoise changing table, a dark brown chest of drawers (Mr. T’s from when he was a child), a twin bed, a red crib, and a white bookcase.  Yes, so far we have latte, canary, turquoise, dark brown, red, and white.  A circus of color!!! 

All of this complemented by art work framed in white.  A family tree by SarahJane @ Etsy.  A duo of posters with the alphabet and numbers.  A primitive applique thing.  A gorgeous Noah’s ark cross stitch (from the World’s Longest Yardsale 2010!).  A plaque.  A drawing by a Scandinavian children’s book artist that hung in my nursery.  PLUS A large papier mache letter A that I decorated.   And an Eiffel Tower lamp.  3 Silver spoons.  Who could forget HAPPY? 

Yes a plethora of decorative items…oh, and stripey multi-color curtains and a stripey multi-color rug.   And a lovely mobile/light fixture thing of wire and butterflies.  It does sound a bit of a mishmash madhouse…I LOVE it though!     


I’d like to say that it all came together before Little Miss joined us earthside.  But that would be a large fib.  The Friday evening prior to Mr. T returning from his FMLA leave we hung the pictures on the wall.  It brought it all together.  Special thanks to Mom for hanging the mobile/light fixture thing.  Super huge high fives to Mr. T for believing in my vision and letting me run with it.  I hope it will be a wonderful place to grow, play, and sleep.

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