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Oh, boy! Ain’t We Got Fun?!?

Nah, nah, nah!  Look what I got!!!

Jealous?  Yeah.  I thought so!  Well, you can come over and play with us sometime.  Maybe.  BFF and I hit one of the local consignment sales and I snagged these awesome blocks from the 80’s and a few other toys and 3 outfits for Little Bit.  Good fun and good prices!

I should have more to say but we traveled to Mr. T’s parent’s house and visited with his brothers, their kids, his grandparents, and parents for his weekend and then last night AU decided not to sleep until after midnight and I’m just a little bit worn out.  Tomorrow I may feel more inspired to write.  We’ll see.

How are you riding out this heat wave?


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Independence Day!

No, not the movie.  Thank goodness for that!  But a trip to see my Grandparents and participate in the decades long tradition of setting fire to things that explode with loud noises and pretty colors.  Oh, and food.

But first some hilarity.  Hilarious in the way that tragedy avoided can be enthusiastically funny.

So, I go to put AU down for her nap and notice some “turquoise” on the bed when I stand up.  I pick it up and examine it.  It crushes easily and I think, “I don’t think this is turquoise.  It sort of looks like rat poison.  Surely, it is not though.”  Then I go on about my business but AU is not having anything to do with napping and is promptly fussing again.  I sit back down on the bed (oh, having washed my hand and disposed of the “turquoise”) and give her some more pats.  Once again, I stand up, once again there is “turquoise”.  I call to my Dad to come in and give his sage advice.  He says he doesn’t know and that I should ask my Grampa.  So, I show the “turquoise” to Grampa and ask him what it is.  He says, drum roll please, “Rat poison.”  I say, “It was on AU’s bed.”  He says, “Just don’t let her eat it.”

Um.  Huh.  It was at that point that I decided there is a point where one becomes old enough to be able to say anything.  I didn’t argue with him or point out that just having contact with it could kill her I just sort of nodded and went to scoop her up.  Under her blanket was a whole little pile of the rat poison pellets.  Thankfully, I had put down both a puppy pad and a blanket.

AU survived.  She became hysterical during the fireworks on Saturday night but loved the fireworks on Sunday and Monday.

Overall, it was a great holiday with the family.  Mr. T had to work and missed out on all the fun but held down the fort successfully in AU’s and my absence.

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