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Something Interesting

I was going to write out an interesting thought provoking post but it looks like the baby is waking up after her stellar 45 minutes of sleep so I’m going to do that instead.  Rinse, repeat.  I’ll let you know if anything changes!


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I cannot believe we are at the half way point for November!  November?  November!?  Where has this year gone?  Seriously?!?  

Mr. T and I spent last week in Pennsylvania among the Amish and the history.  It was a pleasant way to spend our anniversary.  We visited Lancaster (and all the oddly name little towns nearby…our stay was in Paradise, right up the road from Bird-in-Hand and Intercourse), Gettysburg, Baltimore, Valley Forge, and Philadelphia.  I had a lovely hour long bath with reading.  Heaven!  We went to the National Aquarium (Chattanooga is better, surprisingly!) and met up with Uncle Apple.  We ate a terrible meal which was disappointing and had surprisingly fantastic food at Attman’s Deli in Baltimore.  Overall, it was alright.  

One really, to me, hilarious sight were the “Occupy Lancaster” protestors.  Seriously?  I thought the “Occupy Nashville” people were really pushing it for legitimacy but “Occupy Lancaster” was over the top.  

AU now has 2 teeth and is practicing standing without holding on.  Very exciting stuff.  

Several times a week I think of what might be interesting blog postings but now here I am and cannot think of one of them.  Oh!  If you are local stay far, far, far away from Belcourt Taps and Tapas.  Gross and expensive.   Chuy’s downtown has opened and isn’t as crowded as you might think. 

See, lame?  I’ll end the misery now.  🙂

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