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So, I was panhandled at the grocery store tonight by the cashier, “Would you like to donate a dollar to the Food Foundation?”

“Um.  Didn’t I just swipe my card for two hundred dollars to go toward the Food Foundation?” was my first thought.  Then I thought, “Wow.  This was the eighty gabillionth time I was panhandled whilst checking out at a store recently.  Wouldn’t he be surprised if I asked for money myself in response?”

You know like this:

Cashier: Would you like to donate a dollar to the Food Foundation today?

Me: No.  Would you like to donate five dollar to Heifer International today?

I thought, “Wow!  That’s brilliant!”  Instead of being annoyed when cashiers ask you to donate to their causes you can promote your cause (Oh, by the way, I heart Heifer!  You should give them money so they can give chickens to poor folks.  And then the poor folks who aren’t quite so poor anymore give chickens to other poor folks and so on and so on. You should give them money.) and raise awareness!  Perfect!”

And then I thought.  “Gosh, no.  No one will believe I am raising money to help the less fortunate.  They’ll take one look at my plus sized rear and think I’m fund raising for myself.  The heifer.  Nice.”

Nothing like a good self imposed esteem bash to end the day, huh?

By the way, “Would you like to give a dollar to Heifer today?”


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We Made It!

By the skin of our teeth we celebrated AU’s 1st birthday on the 11th.  It was stressful.  She developed RSV on the 8th.  Yuck.  She was a tired, snotty, wheezy, card opening, present loving kiddo for those who were willing to risk infection to help us celebrate.  I’ll have a more complete post and pictures soon.  Thanks for waiting!

Meanwhile, I have been busy, busy with work.  That is a very good thing but it has taken me almost 8 weeks to realize that I can deal with other people’s whiney, crying children all day long.  I can deal with my whiney, crying child all day long.  But I cannot do a morning of other people’s whiney, crying children followed by an afternoon and evening with mine.  It is too much.  So, now, I’m home in the mornings and when Mr. T goes to work, so do I!  Then I come home, eat dinner, play, and put AU to bed.  So far, so good!

I had more to say, honest, but I’m yawning and have lost the train of inciteful and interesting topics…

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