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Friday Mr. T and I got the good word that I was pregnant!  Yahoo!  A sibling for AU and lots more fun to look forward to.  We planned how we would let our families know in person on Easter.  We daydreamed about having 2 kiddos around for next Easter.  There was much joy and rejoicing.  We were thankful.

Today we are thankful for the days of joy we had.  The doctor’s office called a little while ago with the news that my beta had not doubled.  We are disappointed that this pregnancy will likely end in the next few days.  We would not trade those days of joy though!

This has reinforced our thought that we’d like to have more kiddos which is great!  I get to ride roller coasters at Disney in April which is great!  We got days of joy which is great!

16 Rejoice always, 17 pray continually, 18 give thanks in all circumstances; for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.  1 Thessalonians 5:16-18




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March? Really?

I cannot believe we are getting ready for the last week of March!  It is blowing my mind!

Darling One had back-to-back cases of RSV in February and is just now fully recovered.  It seems like I didn’t really do *anything* for the past 6 weeks.  We will go back to church tomorrow for the first time since January.   I’m excited!  It is really hard to be away for so long especially dealing with a sick child.  I shouldn’t complain too much though because even sick she is generally happy and pleasant.  We are very blessed.

We found out that I have a genetic mutation on PAI-1.  It is the leading cause of recurrent miscarriage but it is reversible with baby aspirin.  Coincidentally, we found out Mr. T is also a genetic mutant with PAI-1 as well.  He was supposed to be checked for MTHFR but they ran the wrong test.  PAI-1 is a marker for an increased risk of type II diabetes, stroke, and cardiovascular disease.  I’ve been googling and googling but have not found very much.  I think the world of genetic information is fascinating but since it is relatively new there just isn’t a whole lot of data to look at yet.

I am happy for AU though.  When we get around to having her 1 year well baby visit we can add PAI-1 to the lead test and the MTHFR.  I’m pretty sure since both Mr. T and I are mutants that she will also be mutant but if we know now we can tell her and talk to her about it as she gets older.  If she can be spared the pain of babyloss because we have her tested then I’m am so thankful that I could do that for her.

We had a great time at Tennessee Game Days!  It never feels like enough time but both Mr. T and I thought it was one of the best ones.  Have you played the new Hunger Games games?  We have played two of them and liked them both.  We have also (shhh!  It’s a surprise!) bought AU her first 2 games.  They are from HABA toy company and for kiddos 18 months and up so she is a little young but we are really thrilled and excited.  One is a stacking/constructing game the other is a shapes/colors game.  I had no idea they made games for such little ones.  What was your or your kiddo’s first game?

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