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Well…drumroll please…

A new Little Mouse will be joining our family in February 2013!

We had our 2nd ultrasound this morning and Little Mouse’s heart rate was up to 156 and s/he is measuring 8w1 which is right on schedule!  We are really thrilled and excited!  

In other news AU and I helped my Gramma and Grampa celebrate 70 years of blissful marriage on June 16th.  Their actual anniversary isn’t until the 25th of June but at 70 years I think you get cut some slack for early partying.  

Speaking of partying I turned, gasp!, 35 this month.  Funny, I have always tried to guess how old other women were using myself as a guidepost–she must be older/younger because I’m X years old so she must be in her _________.  At the doctor’s office this morning I saw a woman and though, she’s in her early 40’s.  Nope.  She was a year younger than me.  I think that means I am old.  I mean beyond just the tag of “advanced maternal age” old.  

I made some peanut butter, peanut butter chip, white chocolate chip cookies that were really good.  This mornings attempted at roasted, salted pecans with dark chocolate and marshmallows is just okay.  Not earth shattering like I thought it would be.  

Oh, and it is supposed to be in the triple digits here this weekend.  I’m not sure I’m going to survive…I wish you cool weather and air conditioning whereever you may be!


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Another long abscence…

I wish I had a good excuse.  Instead I have a great excuse!  I was on vacation.  Yep.  It seemed like I was on vacation for nearly all of May.  The party has ended though and reality is showing it’s smug, summer haired head.  No more planned aways until the end of September!  What’s a girl to do?  Blog, I guess!  Lucky you!

So in May Mr. T, AU, and I headed back to Disney.  I know, I know!  You are screaming at your monitor right now, “You what?!?!  You never even finished your blog post about the last time! ”  Yes, yes, you are right.  But the april trip was unexpected and unplanned for!  This trip in May has been on the books since November.  Just a few days at Beach Club (oh, my!) to relax and have some family time.  It was wonderful!

Our flight landed Wednesday morning and Thursday morning we took off again!  AU and I drove down to Georgia to help Mom with her yardsale.  We spent 5 days lugging and toting and encouraging sales by being awesome.  That last bit was mostly AU I have to confess.  We came home, threw the clothes in the laundry, kissed Mr. T and  rushed back out the door to the beach.

We overnighted in Huntsville to visit Mr. T’s brother and his family, Mr. T’s Gramma, and his Aunt and her family.  It was a good time.  Then AU and I set off with good friend Em for St. George Island.  We stayed in the same place this year that we stayed last year and it was once again heaven.  Looking out at the white sand and turquoise water…lovely, lovely, lovely.  Except, AU hated it.  We mostly go to the beach during naptime it seems.  Especially since AU has added back in a mid-morning nap lately.  Also?  She cannot walk in the life jacket.  And hates sunscreen.  And sand.  And the sun.  And just everything having to do with awesome Florida beach vacation it seems.

Until the last day when inspiration strikes!  Bubbles!  AU loves, loves, loves bubbles!  So mid-cry, I lean down and say, “Looooook!  Bubbles!  Let’s step on them!”  And she looks at me, she looks at the frothy wave, and she SMILES!  Then she goes nuts trying to pop the bubbles and it is amazing.  Too bad I didn’t think of it on day #2.  Oh, well.  Next year!

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