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That long, huh?

I mean, I knew it had been a while…I just didn’t know it had been soooo long.  Sorry about that!  I’ve had lots of interesting thoughts on everything from Chick-fil-a to the wonders of parenting an 1 1/2 year old to moving furniture around in my house but unfortunately I spent this very, very hot past 8 weeks sleeping, eating, and being a little nauseous.  I think I’m coming out of the first/second trimester induced coma fatigue.  Hopefully!  At least, during today’s particular naptime despite being tired I haven’t been able to sleep.  So, maybe the insomnia is starting?  Either, I should have more time to ramble on here.

Can I just say I cannot wait for AU to wake up from her nap because it is only supposed to be 82!!! today so we are going to go for a walk and play at the park.  Outside!  Without melting!  Yahoo!  I am seriously hoping this bodes well for an early fall coolness but it will probably be back in the nineties by Monday.

I commented to BFF during our walk on Wednesday that I hadn’t been sick in a while and maybe my “morning” (should actual read afternoon/all night) sickness was over.  Then I proceeded to throw up Wednesday night, Thursday night, and this morning.  My face is all petachiaued with broken blood vessel loveliness.  But that’s okay.  This too shall pass.

We will probably see our midwife this week or next week for 15/16 week appointment.  Very exciting!  As long as I remain low risk we will be having this bundle of mouse at home where we have statistically higher chance of a VBAC and interventions.  The key though is remaining low risk.

Statistically (and yes, we all know statistics don’t apply to groups of 1!) a homebirth for a low risk pregnancy is just as safe if not safer than a hospital birth.  Look at Norway where 30% of births are homebirths and they have some of the best maternal/fetal outcomes.  (To be sure, if one is going to have a premature baby the US is the BEST place in the world for ensuring the babe survives and thrives.  But otherwise?  Eh.)  It is a sad state of affairs in a country with the best medical care in the world we haven’t figured out how to help women have better birth and neonate care.  There are 39 countries where it is safer for a woman to give birth than the US.  That is sad and what is more disheartening is that there doesn’t seem to be much interest in figuring out the hows and whys behind that.

If we know that a c-section rate around 10% seems to be the sweet spot for doing enough without doing too much why do most US hospitals have c-section rates of 30%+ ?  Mostly because of hospital policies due to risk of lawsuit I would venture to guess.  Please don’t mistake my thoughts for c-section bashing!  They are a necessary part of the birth process for many women and I am thankful that the option is widely and readily available when it is needed.  I’m not talking about walking back the clock to a time when  more women and babies died because c-sections were not available.  I’m speaking more about a willingness in the US to combine the best care possible…namely concurrent care between a midwife and an OB.

Like I said, right now the plan is a homebirth is everything stays wonderful for Mouse and me.  But, if I stop being low risk?  Bet your bottom dollar I will birth in a hospital!  Hopefully, with an OB who has been attending me during my pregnancy so that we have a trusting relationship and a mutual level of respect.  Due to the incredible dark comedy that was AU’s last few weeks of pregnancy and her birth I keep coming back to the idea of trust.  (As a funny side note from AU’s birth, when the anesthesiologist came in to do the epidural that I didn’t wind up having someone asked why everyone had to leave the room (I had been really upset and crying for awhile at that point so my brain wasn’t really with it) the nurse replied, “We lose more during epidurals then childbirth!”  Well, both Mr. T and I thought she meant that more women died during epidurals then childbirth which freaked us both out.  No one else had this interpretation, no one else at the time even thought much about it.  He and I though?  Freaked.Out.)  I need to find an OB that I trust will let me rest and eat at regular intervals if I need to be induce again, who will explain things about hospital policies and such and not assume that I know things (like that epidurals have a very low death rate! :D), and who has at least a little respect for my natural birthing ideas since they are based on research.

In case you are wondering, most of the decisions (okay, save finding out what flavor mouse will be!) that Mr. T and I make are based on research with regard to what is safest for me and babe.  Birthing at home has NOTHING to do with fear, feelings, or any of the other inane drive I read from time to time like, “I needed this birth to feel whole.”  No.  I have friends and therapy for fixing feelings and thoughts.  Birth is serious and other than as a check-in to how other body systems may be operating, feelings don’t really belong in the decision making.

Okay, I think I’m all done with that.

We started AU wearing panties and “potty training” two Tuesdays ago.  She was having 1-3 accidents each day until Thursday when she had 2 poop accidents and something like 6?7? pee accidents!  But then?  Friday?  *0* accidents!  Yahoo!  Today?  *0* so far!  Yahoo!  I won’t call us done “training” until we have many (5? 7?) days without accidents but I’m really excited that she seems to get it!

Well, Mr. T is on break so I’m gonna go chat with him and grab a snack.  Have a great rest of your day!



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