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Feeling Better and Making Transitions

I think I’m crawling out of the “dreadful” phase of pregnancy–constant fatigue and the ubiquitous morning sickness (otherwise known as all day or evening sickness.  But slowly but surely I’m eeking through…took a two hour nap yesterday afternoon but no nap today!  No sickness yesterday, really sick tonight.  See?  Steps forward and backward simultaneously but progress!

Oh, and Thursday?  We get to find out what flavor kiddo I’m gestating.  Cool.

AU has undergone quite the transformation from baby to toddler to girl in the past few weeks.  She has weaned, potty trained, moved from high chair to booster seat, and as I type this is asleep in her own bed, in her own room!  I have no delusions that she will spend the whole night there but starting out there is awesome!  All the milestones we have hurdled through since the end of July have been amazing.  Oh, and she is calling my parents Papaw (Grandpa) and Mamaw (Grandma)!  Labeling people!  So neat!

My parents came to visit for the holiday and do some house shopping.  We are so thrilled they will be living closer soon!  I hope they are able to find the right home, in the right location, at the right price!  But first and foremost I hope they get a great offer on the house they are selling.

Oh, cute story about their visit?  Saturday night we got back from dinner, Dad came upstairs to watch football, and Mom and AU and I stayed downstairs to chat and play.  After a few minutes AU says, “Papaw?  Up?” and walks over to the stairs. I said, “Yes, he is upstairs.  You can go up if you want.”  And she did!  She climbed up the stairs and sat with Papaw and watched football and goaded him into reading stories until he cried mercy and brought her back downstairs.  She loves her Papaw!

We are counting down the days until vacation!  (Just 23 days!)  Mr. T has not had more than a few days in a row off in over a year and a half.  We have been looking forward to this trip for 11 months now!  Further, not only will BFF and her family and my parents be coming along but my brother (Uncle Apple!) is joining us as well!  What fun!  We are set on costumes, tickets, just lacking the Norway breakfast reservation (which I’m cautiously optimistic I’ll be able to score the Wednesday or so before we need it) and to pack our bags.  Disney here we come!


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