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Oh! Oh! Oh!

*IT* is going to be a *GIRL*!  We found out mid-September and I thought I had posted here but I guess I didn’t.  I’m so sorry!  But, yes!  It’s a girl!!!

Another jewel in Mr.T’s crown!


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So, when one goes on vacation for 12 days at the end on one month and the beginning of the next and returns with a sick kid it really messes up ones sense of place of time.  I have essentially “lost” these past 3? no, now it is 4! weeks.  Sigh.  I have a whole list of Fall/October activities- pumpkin patch, apple picking, bonfires, camping, hiking, and such which I believe we have sadly run out of time for.

It is okay though because vacation was wonderful!  We had a great (albeit HOT!) time with BFF and her family, my parents, and my brother.  I had no idea Florida would be 89-95 degrees still with humidity in the 90%+ range still.  We survived though–lots of pool time helped.

The afternoon we got home AU spiked a fever.  Ear infections and upper respiratory infection, an antibiotic, ER trip, and nebulizer treatments later she is finally feeling better.  I think I have a small pinch of her misery now though.  Gross.

Mr. T and I start childbirth classes tonight.  Lucky us.  I’m *so* not into it due to the above gross/sick feeling.  But we will go and be hypnotized and meet other expectant couples and it will be okay–provided I don’t lose my dinner during class.  We were already through the homestudy curriculum by this point in my pregnancy with AU so I’m feeeling a little guilty that I’m not excited about tonight but I’m pretty sure being sick is playing into that pretty heavily.  Hopefully, this time next week will be a “looking forward to” class and not a “having to” one.

This little girl I’m pregnant with is a mover and a shaker!  AU was really calm and serene (she still is in many ways) and I could go 12 hours or so between movements/kicks.  This kiddo though?  Pretty much every hour she thumps and thuds and lets me know she is there.  It is pretty awesome!

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