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The Flu, Christmas, a New Year, and IT’S JANUARY!!!!


Au has been really sick off and on all fall it seems.  The culimination of all these months of illness peaked though with her diagnosis of Influenza A the second week of December.  She was miserable and so were we.  Then we got her Tamiflu.  Let me just say after the first night of not sleeping I discussed with the doctor taking her off of it.  Au is a “good” sleeper.  Tamiflu though makes her high as a kite like twisting around in circles saying, “Ohhhh. Ooooooh,” over and over, high.  But the doctor encouraged us to keep her on it and so we did.  Thanks to benedryl.  For a kid that has only had one round of antibiotics in her life she had quite a chemical cocktail going on there for the week of flu.  Yeah, that’s right, just a week of being sick and she was is a good mood for most of the week.  We survived!

The next week BFF and I took at “mama’s only!” 3 day trip to WDW.  It was *so* much fun. It was *so* what we needed.  We slept when we wanted, ate when we wanted, wiped no one elses noses or butts, and just generally comported ourselves as if we had no cares.  I am was so smitten with the Christmas lights over at the campground and the special Christmas parade that I think our week long family vacation next year will be in December rather than September.  The weather will be cooler at the very minimum!   

Christmas was great!  It lasted a whole week with 3 celebrations.  Too bad we didn’t figure out until that week that hosting 3 seperate Christmases is a ton of work.  But it made the decorating (most of which are still up…yikes!) and such worth it.  

The old year went and the New Year came while I was brushing my teeth for bed.  I worked really hard to stay up until midnight and then missed *the* moment.  Oh, well.  Sleep is good too.  

So, all along we have been putting off most baby related chores until “January”.  Reorganzing the girls’ room, getting another car seat, making casseroles, those kinds of things that the events of Thanksgiving and Christmas easily overshadowed becuase, well, nothing really happens in January so might as well make that the baby prep month.  Except now it *is* January!  She is going to be here *soon*.  We are so not ready!  

Well, we have crossed maybe 3 things off the list of 15.  To celebrate we are taking one last family of 3 get away.  Nothing says paniced preparation like going on vacation, right?  





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