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I woke up about twenty minutes ago with a pretty storng contraction.  Decided I couldn’t lay still any more and so sat up.  Thus ending any hope of having a subsequent contraction evidently.  So, I’m blogging now instead of sleeping.  

One of these days I am going to birth this baby.  Rather, one of these days soonish I am going to birth this baby.  I hope.  For the past few days I have clearly been experiencing the “I am going to be pregnant FOREVER” phenomenon of late pregnancy.  I am uncomfortable, tired, cranky, stopped up, and ready.  Soon.

AU’s birthday party is this weekend.  We decided to play it super simple and have lunch at a local Chinese restaurant.  Just have to pick up balloons and put out paper dragon souvenirs.  Oh, and make the cake.  I am thinking it will be a chocolate chocolate chip cake with white cooked frosting.  The real challenge is going to the be the white modeling chocolate fortune cookies I am going to attempt to make.  From what I have read online making the white modeling chocolate is the hard part.  Hopefully it will come together for me.

AU is excited about being a big sister.  She talks about babies all the time and has started playing her with baby dolls.  Yesterday she put a bucket around her neck and then wanted a baby to carry around in it.  Pretty cute.  

The three hour long bedtime fiascos though are far from cute–“water,” “potty,” “covers,” “No covers!” “more water,”–gets old really fast when interlaced with crying and whining.  I’m thinking this is what her “2” looks like.  It could be worse but that combined with my tired is a recipe for disaster!

Thankfully, Mr. T now has Wednesdays and Thursdays off so he was able to rescue bedtime last night while I sat on the couch and recouperated.  I cannot wait for him to be home with us all the time!  Soon!





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