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6 Months is an Improvement, Right?

October to April is something akin to 6 months.  So, that’s better than 12-13 months passing without writing a word, right?

In November the whole circus went to Iceland.  We had an amazing time.  Ju asks weekly when we are going back.  Both girls talk non-stop about the rainbows we saw.

In December we put an offer in on a house closer to work.  We *might* move this week.  Who knows?  With a circus anything is possible.

In January we found out baby #4 is joining our family.  Shocking.  We also went to Disney.  Not shocking.

In February Z broke my nose in a wild head banging while asleep incident.  The girls had birthdays.  Time flew.

March brought news that #4 is a boy and that renovations on TV must take weeks or months not moments to complete.

And now, here April is with green grass and gray skies and more abundance than we deserve.  Thank you God for everything.



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