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Another Sunday morning Lost to Blogging

Yeah, I just looked at the clock and I’m going to miss church if I sit here and write.  I think I’m going to miss church.  Again. 

We finally have internet at the house.  Yay!   I feel like I have been cut off from the world for the past 2 weeks.  Oh, and we have a phone number too.  That’s exciting.  No one has called though.  🙂  Most of the people I’d want to call are out-of-state and my long distance plan won’t kick in for another 4-5 days.  So, hi to my California friends!  I want to call you today because you are off from work but I don’t have a long distance plan!  🙂  So sad.

I think I’m going to change the theme.  I’m tired of looking at peaceful greenery and waterfalls.  Uh,  I guess I should finish the post first.

The house is in exactly the same state of discombobulation it has been in since Day 4.  Yep.  The mattress is still on the floor surrounded by boxes of clothes.  I have hope that one day we will own enough hangers to finish the job.   (Although I heard a good description of the difference between hope and faith.  Hope is passive.  Faith is active and something you work towards.  Thus I will revise.)  I have great faith that one day we will own enough hangers to hang up all of our clothes.  

I should have bought some at Lowe’s last night.  I had like $90 worth of merchandise to buy.  I had, what I thought was a coupon for saving 15% if I spent $125.  So I pick out some additional odds and ends that are needed but not nescessarily on the list.  I go to check out.  My total?  $137.05.  Perfect.  Um, yeah, the coupon was for $150 purchse.  No, she can’t suspend the transaction.  Yes, we will have to rering everything.  So I called Mr. T. to find out what else we needed.  He remembers we need a hose.  The hose was $9.98.  I also select a small metal spice rack enhancer thingy   that raises the back spices up so one can see them.  It was $5.57.  Great!  I can finally get out of the store.  Yeah!  So, I’m in line with the same cashier and the customer service person calls me over to check out there.  Fine.  She finishes ringing me up and the total?  Yeah, $142.06.  I say, “Are you sure?  It was $137  before and then I added these two items for about $15.  She assures me that she is correct.  So, I go get a thing of bleach, laundry detergent, and dryer sheets because I just wanted to go home.  She adds those in and the total comes up to $150.04.  I pay my discounted price and take my purchases to the car. 

She had not charged me for 1 roll of wallpaper and 1 storage bin.  Sigh. 

Oh!  So Mr. T. and I went to the flea market yesterday and ordered our new kitchen table, bench, and kitchen island.  There is a man who makes custom farm furniture for a steal.  He takes orders at one flea market, goes home makes the furniture, and then brings it to the following month’s flea market to be picked up.  I happened to ask if he would deliver it.  He would.  So for less than the price of a new kitchen table at a “real” store we are getting a table, bench, and island made to our specifications and delivered.  Cool. 

In reproductive news when I went for the follicle scan on Thursday I had…*12*…follicles.  6 on each side.  Mr. T was excited.  I was terrified.  Luckily, none of them were big enough so I have to go back on Tuesday for another scan and hopefully we will have some that are big enough (but not 12!).  I guess when you are trying to shoot balloons with darts having a few targets is okay.  I just don’t want more than 3 targets.  Yikes! 

I have dropped a blueberry under my desk and since my desk is now a large table I can’t reach it.  I’m going to have to get down on my hands and knees and crawl under the desk to retrieve it.  Too bad Mollydog doesn’t like blueberries. 

I think I’m going to go try to get my craft area into some sort of semblance of order.  Then maybe I’ll go buy hangers and work on the bedroom. 

Oh!  Last night prior to the Lowe’s expedition there was the Hobby Lobby expedition.  I bought a hundred dollars worth of stained glass which I’m going to cut into rectangles.  Then Mr. T. and I are going to tile them around the bathtub and shower in the master bathroom.  I think it will be gorgeous!  That is our project for next Thursday-Sunday.  

Mr. T. goes to 2nd shift in August.  August starts next Saturday.  His days off will switch from Thursday and Friday to Saturday and Sunday.  Therefore he will have *4* days off.  That is just terrific.  Maybe we can get the house in order!  🙂

So, I have been on the new eating plan for 8 days now.  It is good.  It is a little tricky–no sugar, no grain, no dairy–but I feel great.  Mr. T. has been super supportive and helpful.  It just requires planning.  This morning I had berries with almond slivers.  Yum!  That’s better than cereal by far. 

I am watching some sort of big black bug crawl up my neighbors concrete foundation looking for a way in between the foundation and the siding.  Ick.


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