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Holla from Chicago

I couldn’t think of any words that rhyme with Chicago…


Regardless, I am in Chicago with my Mom. She’s asleep. I’m expecting her to awake screaming at any moment. I’ll try not to drop the laptop or scream back. Last night it happened at 2:37am and I did scream back, “It’s okay, it’s okay.” I think I was saying that more for my own peace of mind then because 1) I actually believed it or 2) I was trying to help her. She seemed okay. 🙂

Today was had a marathon of activity! We had breakfast at the Corner Bakery in front of our hotel. Instead of spending $18.50 a piece for breakfast AT our hotel we spent $3.50 a piece on an egg/cheddar/ham grilled panini which was fantastic. Then we walked down to Millenium Park and saw a demo of the Cirque Shanghai. Not only were we about 5 feet away from awesomely costumed insanely flexible performers we also got *8* free tickets to the real deal. We are going to go tomorrow night. It was raining so I guess no one else showed up besides press. Oh, well. It was neat.

Then we hiked over the El and journeyed down to Chinatown. We had a delicious lunch (we may have Rhinestones back home but we have NO decent Chinese food!) at the Happy Fortune. We had bites of just about every good thing–egg rolls, BBQ rib, chicken on a stick, crab rangooon, monogolian beef, moo shu pork, fried rice, and finally fortune cookies all washed down by tasty tea. MMMMMMM….

Mom crashed for awhile and I worked then we headed over to St. James Cathedral for a “Rush Hour” concert. A group of chamber musicians from the Chicago Symphony Orchestra played one of Mozarts’ pieces. It was really great.

Then we headed to a recommended Mexican place. I was really looking forward to a “taco de chile relleno” but alas I was not to have any luck as the place “didn’t have any flour tortillas”. Mom ate though and said it was good. We then went for dessert at a place called Hot Chocolate.

Oh, my. I died and went to heaven. Delicious, sublime flavors of chocolate, caramel, salt…


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